Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 50 of Round 2

This 10 days have brought me 8.8 lbs lost along with 2.5 more inches!  Not to shabby, not too shabby at all!

Tomorrow, I will be ordering my last 2 bottles.  I am just barely going to make it, but I will persevere.

I am at the half way point, yea!  About 50 more days left.  With diligence I should have no problem sailing into 185 (or at least pretty close, under 200 nevertheless!).

Today, looking into the mirror was the first time I actually "saw" that I am thinner.  I "know" I am thinner, but to actually see it was nice.  It is also nice because I am more realistic about my body image.  I really am excited to see myself at a "normal" weight, and hopefully, "feeling" like a thinner person.  As I get used to this, it will make staying thinner easier.

I think a lot of the time that people lose weight to only gain it back, is because they just couldn't/wouldn't get used to being at a lighter weight.  Then, it's also never something that you can blow off!  Since I can get fat so easily, I will never get a "day off" from being totally aware of what I am eating.  There is no special occasion that would justify gaining all my weight back.

Hopefully, these next 50 days will just fly by, and there will be 140 lbs in my past, and a healthy, lean me in my future!

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