Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trucking forward...

Another day, another pound!  Yippee!

I am being so careful about what I am eating, not being at all loosey goosey!  Right now, sugar is my enemy, so I am skipping all fruit for the time being.

With protocol, you can really see what foods are damaging to your system.  I watch some who go rogue with all the food.  Subbing one for another, figuring that it's all good, since the calorie count is the same.  But it's not the calories, it's the food itself.  P2 is boring for a reason, it's a no fat diet.  In case you don't know, fat = taste.  The foods were chosen for their nutritional density and low fat content, not for fun or flavor.  I think the biggest lesson that some folks are missing out on is that you should only eat to live, not live to eat.

It goes right back to what I posted before.  If food is the center of a function, and you can't say no, then the problem lies with you, not the food.  If you can't say no to a piece of pie or cake because "it's a special occasion" then when do the regular days start?  We can make anything a "special occasion", and fill our mouths with crappy food that is only going to make us sick and eventually fat!

Well, with another pound down, I find that I am back into virgin fat territory!  Yea!  I only have a couple of pounds to go, to reach my 10% lost.  I only have 10.4 lbs to go to reach 100 lbs lost!  After that, I will be just 40 short pounds away from my goal of 185.  Imagine being under 200 lbs?  I can't.  I still can't wrap my head around being 235!  89 pounds ago I was over 300, and the best I could do was 275, now I am 40 pounds lighter than that!  Amazing and weird (but in a good way!).

Onward and downward!

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