Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things are looking up...

Woke up to a 2 lb loss!  Very exciting!  I am still 1.5 lbs from virgin territory, but I am getting back on track.
I am watching some of the people on the HCG Forum, and someone brought up how boring the P2 diet is.  Yes, it is boring.  Same old, same old, kinda thing.  But, should food be exciting?  Isn't making food a reason for living the major problem for overweight people? 
We really shouldn't use food as a center piece for living.
People complain that they are going to a party and don't want the P2 restriction.  Others claim being on vacation is an excuse to do a PI.  Why?  Unless your vacation is climbing K2, why restrict? 
I notice a goodly portion of folks also drink, and just can't leave the alcohol alone during the HCG time. 
I am no one's goody goody, I loves my margaritas (tequila is made from the agave cactus so it is more on track with Paleo)!   I know some people like their beers and wines, but can't it wait? 
Others are talking about a lifetime of HCG correction.  I would think that it would be better to use HCG, lose the weight, and while losing, learn to eat in a more healthy manner.
Is missing out on sweet treats really a reason to dive in head first into a box of doughnuts?
If you don't eat a piece of your child's birthday cake?  What about eating out?  Will your friends and loved ones think less of you because you don't eat all the fried foods?  If they would think less of you, they really aren't your friends and don't really love you.
I was thinking about how folks treat fat people.  I am going to remember who treated me like a real person and who blew me off, because of my weight.  It's really easy to love people who are like you, but folks who have something major to deal with (fat, missing limb, deformity, being different...) are just not seen.  We as a species are fickle.  We only seem to love those who are pleasing to the eye, and since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, each person sees beauty differently. 
I have been ignored, I have been insulted, all because I am fat.  But, soon, I won't be fat.  I will blend in with the general populace.  Those that wouldn't give me the time of day will get cursory pleasantries.  Those that were always kind, will receive the same in return.
I know, I am being bitchy, but after a lifetime of being treated like  pariah, I won't be set apart and be made special just because I am at a normal weight.
Yes, I am going to remember.

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