Monday, January 16, 2012

I have a plan (or gee, isn't it time to get your, uh... "life" together?)

Me?  With a plan?  Yes, me, with a plan.
I am at the end of my very fat rope.  I can't stay this way. 
Maybe I am grasping straws, but this feels like it's the last thing I can do.  I am going to do HCG.  It's a pregnancy hormone that, when used with a very low calorie diet (VLCD @500cals), helps to burn off the abnormal fat (See Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeon's), instead of the healthy fat that the body needs, but will be burned off first when using low cal/exercise program.
My launch date is still in limbo, mainly because I am waiting for the $$$ and still have to order the HCG.  But, probably be the second week of February 2012.
I am gearing up mentally right now.  Thinking about all the places I am going to go to to do my two "load" days (load- eat as much fatty food that you can get down without throwing up, then eating some more!  A total bonus score for the calorically challenged!).  Then, I am planning 40 days (+/-) of VLCD.  There are only certain foods that can be eaten.  100g of meat (chicken, beef, veal, non oily fish, shrimp, lobster, crab) twice a day, and certain vegetables (leafy lettuces, spinach, chard, beet greens, cucumbers, tomato, onions) twice a day.  No sugar.  Very limited carbs (2 Melba toast or 2 grisini bread sticks).  At least 1/2 gal water (gallon is better) and all coffee and tea you can choke down (no sweetener).  For a allowed sweetener, I will be getting some Stevia in the Raw.
So, I will be doing the VLCD for 40-ish days, then 21 days in Phase 3, where you start adding more calories but no carbs or sugar, yes to healthy fats.  This is a time to "stabilize", stay within 2 pounds of my last drop weight (ldw).  And, then on to Phase 4 to maintain, for 21 days.  Then, it's back to the beginning to start the whole thing all over again!
I am hoping for a 40 lb drop in my first round and 30 ish lb drop in R2 and then a 30 lb drop in R3.  If I can get to 200 lbs, I will be a happy human.  It's going to take a better part of a year to do this, but I would like to see a Christmas where I am not a big fat cow of a woman.  That would be the best gift of all!
I am in this for the long haul.  Again, I can't go on and on being fat, using excuse after excuse to stay fat.  I want to live life.  Right now my life is nothing more than living to eat.  I use food for comfort, love, boredom, loneliness, and just because I can't think of anything better to do.  I have a life time of bad habits to change.  All on me, no excuses. 
I have really come to terms with my problem.  I am an addict, not food as a whole, but sugar and carbs.  Breads are my downfall.  Bread, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, tortillas, toast, French Toast, pancakes (which I don't really like unless they are drowning in butter, egg, and syrup).  I am actively bidding bye bye to these foods.  Soon, I will have Rob Wolf's book The Paleo Diet in my hot, little hands, and possibly the Primal Blueprint, and I will learn all I need to know about "caveman" eating, or, as I like to call it, just off the Ark eating.  It's taking a "hunter/gatherer" approach to eating.  Noah and his family didn't hop off the Ark and head over to the Qwik Mart for bread, milk and cheese!  There were plants and animals to eat, in the beginning.  No bread, at first, 'cause there probably wasn't any grain ready to harvest and grind.
Our society didn't start getting fat until after industrialization and then in the 50's, after WWII, to make a "woman's life easier".  TV dinners, processed milk, margarine, hot dogs, soy products (which were used as a casing for mortars during the war), Twinkies, boxed cereal, processed, processed, processed.  Which started making America fatter, and fatter, and fatter.  We have even forgotten that there was a time when people ate bacon, eggs, ham, butter, raw milk, avocado, lard, steak, chicken skins, bacon grease, and were HEALTHY.  Vegetarians were few and far between, but they ate eggs, cheese, milk and honey.  Now we have Vegans, who only eat grass, lettuce and all things processed.  They are sickly.  Only through the miracle of modern medicine do these people, and all us fat people stay alive.  Try to find a doctor that knows anything about nutrition.  Heck, try a find a nutritionist who knows anything beyond what the Pharmaceutical companies tell them.  More processed, fake foods, and more pills.  All this equals more profit. 
Knowledge is power.  Ignorance is no longer bliss, it can kill you, or at least leave you sick and stupid, and fodder for the medical community to experiment on.  Not a good place to be.
I will be posting my journey with HCG.  What I am doing, eating, and losing (or "releasing" as the hcg folks like to say).  This is going to be a fun ride!