Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Good, the Bad, the Gain

Woke up to a 1.4 lb gain this morning, ugh!  I will be doing a steak day, 'cause I have got to get this under control. 

I will also be cutting eggs out for the time being.  Although they were A-OK last round, they might be a problem this round.

The good is me running.  Yes, fat ole me, running, not far, not fast, but running nevertheless.  The Pooker's and I went to the store, he was riding his bike, and when he got going faster than I was walking, I jogged, then, because I was going faster, he went faster, so the jog turned into a run.  We even had a race, and I went all out!  It felt so GOOD.  To run, and not smack myself in the face with bouncing fat. To stop, and have the rest of me stop too (rather than jiggle for 20 minutes AFTER I stop).

Moving is really becoming a joy, rather than a chore.  I find myself doing deep knee bends, just because.  I will just do a plank for no reason.  It feels good to move, to feel muscles work, to feel the strain of pushing myself.

Last night, just because, I went for an evening walk, which normally I abhor.  Walking for the sake of walking just seems pointless.  But, maybe, I was just looking at it wrong.  Walking just to enjoy the movement is different. 

Hey, I have a flashlight, I have a cellphone, I have legs that want to move, why not!?

Is it the endorphins?  Is it just enjoying my new (and improved) body?  Is it becoming an underlying obsession?  Couldn't say.  What I do know is that I am not going back to being fat.  I can't.  Life is just starting for me again, and I don't want to give it back. 

On Monday, I am quitting smoking.  I am putting my foot down on the cigarettes!  I will crush them, out forever!  No more grains, no more cigarettes.  Boy, even the word "cigarettes" is ugly!  Probably why I call them "smogies", "smokes", "poofers", anything but cigarettes. 

It won't be easy, but it's necessary.  Nothing is too hard if it's worth doing!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Not Stabilizing

The earmark of a great round of hCG is stabilization.  Stabilizing at or below your "last dose weight" (LDW), it always the goal.  We usually have 2 lbs (+/-) to play with. 

I am still below LDW, but my weight is creeping up.  I was at 202.4, and I thought I would stabilize a bit at 203, but this morning I woke up to a .8 increase. 

There may be a few factors, eating too late last night.  I need to have about 4 hours between eating and going to bed, but dinner didn't get finished until after 6 pm, and I go to bed between 8 and 9.  I also had squash, which is really high in carbohydrates.

So, squash is out (total bummer), for now. Once I get to 185, I might intro it back on a "once in a blue moon" basis.  I may make exception to zucchini, which isn't as sweet as some of it's cousins (butternut, acorn, etc) and spaghetti squash, which also isn't as high in sugars.

My dark chocolate is also going on the shelf (or in the freezer), until I get a grip on this.  I must stabilize.  I am not supposed to "try" to lose weight, but on the same turn, I have come too far to just turn tail and quit.  I will work on portion control. 

My lunch yesterday was very high in protein, and not enough veg, so that needs to be addressed too. 

My plan is to either skip lunch, or just have a BAS (big ass salad), and make sure my last meal is between 3 and 5, so I have time for my food to digest a bit before bed.

I will also be going over my food log, and looking for culprits.  I am hoping it isn't eggs, I find that I really enjoy having eggs for breakfast (and lunch).

I will not give up.  I will not give in. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being Naughty and It's Consequences

Yes, even I, The Terminator, The Machine, The Everyready Bunny, can fall.  I didn't fall far, but I found myself snacking, not on carrots, or celery, but on dark chocolate covered almonds (store bought at that!).  For some reason, I find myself doing the things I shouldn't, such as snacking. 

Is it the end of the world?  Not really.  I played, I paid in a 6 tenths of a pound gain.  I am still under my LDW (by 1.4 lbs), which gives me a bit of elbow room, but I would rather have either stabilization or a loss (OK, I would rather take the loss!).

I seriously have to refocus.  I am tauting the greatness of Paleo, and stuffing my face (maybe "stuffing" is a bit harsh) with sweet treats.  And, everyone knows, me and sugar don't mix!

This morning I had a breakfast scramble with leftovers from dinner last night, and 2 eggs.  Quite tasty, but it will take some getting used to.  I almost defaulted to bacon and eggs, but decided to hold off, 'cause to make my protein high enough, I would have to eat 4 to 5 eggs (@7 g. protein/egg) and 8 strips of bacon (I use ends and pieces from Trader Joe's, so a bit less, 'cause they are thicker usually).

So, the LRx is going well, at least me getting up and eating.  It's the afternoons that send me over the edge, afternoons have always been my "danger" time.  It's the time I am most bored and just want to eat.  I think that that's it.  In the past, when I was bored, or upset, I would acknowledge that I want to eat, but have no reason to, and chug down some water.

OK, game plan in place.  Now, this afternoon, I have to put it in action.  Crossing fingers and toes on this one.  I would like to see 199 by next week or so.  Between keeping the "Beast" under control and doing some exercises, I should get there!  It's only 3.1 pounds!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 2 of the LRx

Down a pound!  Yea!  I increased my water intake.  I am learning to eat a smaller dinner (about 1/2 of the other adults).  Last night we had Creamy Chicken Casserole from PaleOMG, and it was quite good!  Tonight is Roast Beast from the Paleo Parents book Eat Like A Dinosaur.  I served it last week, and it was a hit!  Now I need to come up with something to go with it, I am thinking coleslaw and tomato-cucumber salad.

I didn't do very well yesterday as far as snacking goes.  Time to lock down the rules.  I jinx'd myself thinking I wasn't going to eat lunch. 

The afternoon's are always hard for me.  I need to find a task that keeps me busy.  Something to ponder.

The LRx is going well, I get up and start my breakfast and coffee.  I don't have any issue eating in the A.M., in fact, I would rather start my day that way.  This morning I introduced eggs (hope it isn't too fast, probably is, but we'll see).  I am really enjoying unseasoned food.  Just steak and eggs, easy peasy!

Exercising went well.  My arms are longer and my body doesn't dangle.  I can hold a plank for about 20 seconds, do 5 sit ups, 5 push ups, and 20 squats.  I am going to try some sprinting tonight, not too far, but see how many I can do, even for a short distance (I am still smoking, so I might get winded before I get tired!).  So I will sprint out for a short distance, rest for about 10 seconds, and sprint back.  I will try to do 4 sprints, but even once out and once back at full speed is a good start!  I am actually looking forward to running.  I used to hate the idea (especially in PE), but now it something my body actually craves!  Excellent!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Can't have everything

Good gravy, Marie!  Woke up to a 1.4 lb gain!  Yuck!  Too much fat?  Not enough water?  Too much cabbage?  Too much salt?  Who knows.

I did start my LRx today.  Had a steak and some of the leftover braised cabbage, so I am sure I got in all my protein. 

Not sure about lunch, I will see how I feel, right now (at quarter to 11), I am not hungry (but as always, I could eat, and eat and eat...not going to happen), so I don't think that I will be having lunch today.

The kids are driving me crazy, so we had better get to school work!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


You'all know I don't put much stock into the BMI scale.  But, today I am crowing from the rooftops, my BMI moved from "obese" to "overweight", with a 1.2 lb loss!  This really makes me feel good.   I am 2.1 lbs from "one"derland (199.9).

Today is also the day that I can go back to real food, limited only by Paleo.  I am going to make braised cabbage today (thanks to Michelle at Nom Nom Paleo, an awesome site for all food porn), which I made for the fam last week, and even the Littles of the Corn ate it with gusto!  I am also looking forward to a wilted spinach dish (also make with bacon).  I have been missing out on some great cooked veggies during my hCG run.  Although I still love cucumbers and tomatoes, now I get to mix them together!  I get to add olive oil! 

No worries, I will not be getting crazy with the food.  Just being able to sit and enjoy dinner with the family (such as they are) is a reward unto itself.  I must be mindful of portions.  I can eat all the lettuce in the world, as long as I don't go ape-goo goo with the oil and vinegar.

What a Happy Day!  I get food today, breakfast tomorrow, and finally get to start exercising!  I am so happy! 

Is that sick or what?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Transition time. Again.

There are plus' and minus' to transitioning.  The plus (at least for me) is another drop in weight (-1.2 lbs), the minus is the waiting to start eating FOOD again.

hCG is great.  It works well.  The food?  Well, the food is a bore.  But, there is an upside:  the wanting of all the things that I have been missing.  Not cakes or cookies, but veggies like cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli!  Missing butter, coconut oil, olive oil.  As far as meat goes, I don't really miss anything there except ribs (I love's me RIBS!!!).  Since most meat is up for grabs, I don't miss out on meat, except bacon and ham.  I have been missing eggs, but I won't be introducing them for a few days.

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day making condiments, mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce, Paleo ranch.  Having these on hand, I'll be able to phase out the store bought stuff.  The carb crunchers might not agree.  They are used to the sugar, HFCS, soy oil and MSG that comes in those things.  Do they taste good?  Yes.  Companies wouldn't spend million (billions?) on product research to give folks stuff that tastes crappy (of course there is still no explaination as to why they still make Miracle Whip, ewww), and has a side effect of bad health and an addiction to the fake ingredients.

Speaking of the carb crunchers, they probably won't be joining the Littles and I in the Whole 30.  Pity.  My autistic son would totally benefit.  My MIL could cure her diabetes.  My FIL might find the energy that he lost 30 years ago.  The Colonel would sleep better and have less stress.  Win Win Win Win, but instead, soda, candy, bread, and crap will win, and they will lose, lose, lose, lose.

I have promised to not hound them, and I won't.  I have to rearrange the whole kitchen, to put the carb crunchers crap/food on their own shelves, away from the Littles, and figure out a threat that I can carry out when the Littles beg for doughnuts and cookies, Slurpees and soda, from all the other adults, who will give in. 

Is murder an option?  No.  Bummer.
Give them a time out?  No.
Spank them (well, maybe the Colonel, LOL)?  No.
Throw them out?  No.
Beat them up?  Hmmmm, very primal....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Dose at Day 101

After 101 days, I have a last dose weight (LDW) of 204.4.  I am not breaking any records, or did I meet my final goals, but I am happy with the results. 

Yesterday, I told you about my measurements, and I lost 77 inches overall in the last 7 months, and will continue to lose more as the P3 reshaping starts up.

A lot of hCG'ers are concerned about gaining back the weight they've lost, and rightly so.  If you reintroduce the same foods that made you fat in the first place, you will gain the weight back.  Learning how the body "sees" food is crucial.  Sugars are insidious, you have a sweet, you want more.  Bread-y stuff is the same way, you have a sub sandwich, and you find you are hungry 2 hours later! 

Fats and proteins keep you feeling full.  Veggies give you the carbs your body needs.  Fruits can provide that bit of sweet that your sweet tooth craves (but not too much).  All of these things working together provide your body with the nutrients that your body needs to get and stay healthy.

Now that I am at a size where I can actually move, I am looking forward to exercising.  I will be doing floor/body weight exercises to strengthen my core before I join my local CrossFit box.  I am gaining confidence daily.

I still have issues seeing what I really look like.  In the mirror, I can see that I am thinner.  But looking down at myself, I look just like I looked at 325.  I know that I am more normal in size (with plenty more to go!), as my clothes are fitting different, I was wearing some yoga pants yesterday, and noticed that they were baggy on me!  Baggy yoga pants?  On me?  Who'da thunk it!?

So, having just gotten into 18's, I am already headed into 16's!  With exercise and Paleo eating, I have no doubt that I will be losing more weight, without even trying! 

It's weird, remembering all the different diet plans out there that I tried.  Diet plans that require so much work and effort.  Diet plans that push being a cardio junkie.  Diet plans that rely on the "calories in/calories out" method.  With hCG, I didn't have to "do" anything.  The food was laid out, easy peasy.  The rule was "no exercise" except walking (a healthy activity at any stage of life).  Paleo is just as easy.  The exercise part is to be short, intense, and fun.  None of which would have been fun if I was following CW and losing at 2 lbs a week (after approximately 28 weeks I would have lost a whole 56 pounds, which is good, but not guaranteed).  I would be sitting at 275-ish, hating life, craving sweets (because of the high carb-ness of a CW diet), and eating all the wrong (read processed) foods. 

No diet is "one size fits all".  Most are "your mileage may vary".  hCG worked real well for me, but wouldn't for others.  I embrace the Paleo eating plan, whereas others would think that they "can't", or worse, "won't" give up bread/grains, legumes, sugar, soda, dairy.  If you think you can't, you can't.  If you want to be stubborn, be stubborn, that's on you.  You can't blame a diet/eating plan that you can't or won't follow for your failures. 

My future is looking brighter everyday.  I may have not met my goals, but I am a damn-sight better off now than I was 7 months ago!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 100 and my stats...

OK, I promised I would be back with my stats so here goes:

Starting (R2) weight:  256 Gained 4.4 pounds loading  Official P2 weight:  260.4

Not official end weight, but after 100 days:  204.4

Total loss after 100 days:  56 lbs


June 10th:          Sept 19th (day 100):        Difference:

Neck          15                         12                                   -3

Shoulders    46                          38                                  -8

Biceps         13                          11.5                              -1.5

Bust             46                         41                                  -5

Chest           41                         35.5                               -5.5                   

Waist           48                         40                                   -8
Hips             53                         46                                   -7

Thighs           24                          20.5                              -3.5

Calves          17                           14.5                              -2.5

A total of 43" off during Round 2, add to that the 44.25" from Round 1 and I have lost a total of........

77.25"!!!!!!!  Freakin' sweet!

I said earlier that I have today and probably tomorrow before I am done with my hCG, so I will record my Last Dose Weight on Friday, which will also be the first 500 cal/no hCG day (got to do that for 72 hours). 

It looks like Monday I will be starting P3/Paleo/LRx and I am looking forward to my Big Ass Breakfast (BAB). 

I want zucchini in butter.  I want avocados.  I want eggs and bacon.  I want to eat the wonderful (but unappreciated) meals that I have been fixing for the carbcrunchers! 

I am lucky, I don't crave the bread-y stuff anymore.  Although, some of the pseudo Paleo goodies look good, I can do without.  No sense in tempting the "evil within". 

As I have said before, I will still be posting.  Losing weight was just the beginning of my journey.  I am still striving for health, which also means getting stronger. 

Hippocrates said:  "Let your food be your medicine", and I am taking that to heart.  Filling my body with garbage is a total deal breaker.  I (or anyone else) can't be healthy if I am stuffing my face with GMO laden fake foods.  Grains are literally for the birds (they have the stomachs to break them down).  I am going to continue with the healthiest foods that I can find.  Even the Colonel is climbing on board about grass fed/finished beef, pastured pork and chicken, even though they are so expensive.  Since we are both planning to quit smoking that will save us up to $300/month! 

At tax time, we are planning an add on to the house for the in-laws, and to free up space (plus adding another bathroom. One bathroom and 7 people is pretty hard).  But, we will be saving for 1/2 a cow, we have to put our order in by February for the early summer slaughter.  So, that is going to be expensive, but on the other hand, can we really put a price on our health? 

So far, that's what's going on, of course life happens when you make a lot of it is on a "we'll see" basis!

Day 100

Yes, it has been 100 days on hCG.  I only have today and tomorrow left, and then 3 days at 500 calories (no hCG), and then I can transition to P3/LRx/W30 (boy, that seems like a lot of stuff!).

It's been a great ride, in the last 7+ months I lost 120 lbs!  And, although I didn't reach my last goals ("one"derland, a BMI of "overweight", being 185, or size 16's), I did accomplish a lot.  I am in reach of all of those goals, and will achieve them one by one.

I have said before that 2012 was my year of health.  2013 will be my year of strength. 

The Colonel and I are going to quit smoking on October first.  I figure if I put in the dedication to quit smoking like I did to hCG, then how can I lose? 

The things I want to do don't work well with smoking.  Time to put that major bad habit away.  I still have a long road ahead of me, not smoking, starting an exercise regime, getting out more, just getting my shit together.

I will post some stats later. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

GTA on YouTube

I have no idea as to why my blog (and apparently a lot of other people's blogs) was referred in the "Gay Tony GTA" video.

Sorry for the weird connection. 

Still Losing, Which Is A Good Thing!

I am a loser!  Yes, a loser.  This week alone I have lost 7.2 lbs.  Why?  I am not sure, but I do think it's a mix of higher protein, a bit of fat (coconut oil) and more exercise.

I am really trying to get into the whole "hiking" thing.  I am not a fan of "walking".  Walking around the neighborhood, looking at people's homes, front lawns (or lack of a front lawn in the case of my house), avoiding speeding cars up and down our street.  It's just boring.  Same old dogs barking (and sometimes, chasing you), same old boring neighborhood.  It's just all so pointless. 

Instead, I would rather hit the hiking trails.  I live in Butte County which is full of outdoorsy activities, trails, and natural goodies!  Yesterday's plan was to hike a trail from the Lake Oroville State Recreation Park's Visitor's Center, and hike the one mile trail to Lake Oroville.  It was just going to be me and the Little's, then my MIL wanted to go.  I just didn't have the heart to say no, 'cause that woman doesn't go anywhere, and my FIL won't leave the comfort of the couch (or, for that matter, his meds) to go do anything.  So, she is willing, but she is also 66 years old, and has been stuck inside for the last 30 years of my FIL's boo boo back pains. 

So, I packed a lunch for the kids in their own backpacks (every man for himself) and my food and Grandma's lunch in my back pack, plus extra water (fun fact:  a gallon of water weighs 8 lbs) for her.  We got kind of caught up in the Visitor's Center museum, then the kids wanted to eat lunch (which I wanted to save for the arrival at Oroville Lake), so the best we could do was a 2/10 ths of a mile roam around the Visitor's Center. 

It's surrounded by Chaparral which is OK (they are little oak trees, if you have ever been up here, there are oak trees coming out of our ying-yang), not really high excitement.  But, after getting everyone to quiet down, I managed to scope out a red headed woodpecker.  Since the Littles are only 3 and 5, I am trying to train them how to be good observationists, good stewards, and to be aware of their surroundings.

It's not easy with Grandma, mainly because she has been in a virtual prison for the last 30 years, does know a lot (even though some of her info is a bit dated), but insists on being the lecturer rather than impart the info in a natural, teaching, manner (ie:  letting the kids observe and make their own conclusions), which is not easy.  I have been learning to not lecture, and to let the world teach with my guidance.

The Peanut (he's 3) was the first to wear out (and Grandma wasn't that far behind), so we left.  I really wanted more out of that trip.  It was a time for me and the boys.  I am finally to the point where I can do things.  I am working on being out and about, not hiding my big fat body away.  Not making the kids live vicariously through the TV.  Truthfully, I am not comfortable around my MIL.  Never mind, that's for Dr. Phil.

I am trying to get fit (and the kids too) for a hike to Feather Falls in the spring.  Feather Falls is a waterfall very close by, and there is a hiking trail (4.5 miles one way) to it.  I would just love to see it with my own eyes!  It would be a day hike for us (because the Littles are little, and the Colonel has tweeky knees), and we would have to go a moderate pace.  We can only travel as fast as the Peanut (he's got the shortest legs).  And everyone would have to hump in their own water and food and safety gear.

Life is really getting great! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just an Update

I haven't gotten the pics off my hubby's computer yet, so Mt. Lassen will have to wait.

Since coming home I have held steady, even showing another loss, even though I wasn't perfectly on protocol (POP).  I have been sneaking Paleo crunch, but I think the coconut oil (CO) is helping, it's weird but true that sometimes the introduction of healthy fats after a long hCG helps jump start weight loss again (not too much and not too often, otherwise it will backfire and cause a gain).

I was reading a blog the other day at Kris' site, and he was confessing being a food addict.  Which I can totally relate to.  I remember eating boxes of mac and cheese, a whole box in one sitting!  Then, heat up some tortillas (with lots of margarine, yuck!).  Then, I needed a sweet, which would be a quart (back when ice cream came in quarts) of Rocky Road.  All that food, plus meals, plus a few more snacks. Grazing takes on a whole new meaning for me!  And, in all honesty, I still graze, but now I default to protein only, but even that isn't right.  Right now, at the end of a 100 day hCG round, it's kinda expected, but still, it's bringing back old and very bad habits.

I just finished reading It Starts With Food, and am really excited to start my Whole 30, or for me, the Whole Life eating plan.  You can read Melissa and Dallas' website at Whole 9.  There is so much information!  I am trying to get the family on board.  In reality, nobody else wants to cook, so they are stuck at dinner, no matter how they feel about doing the Whole 30. 

I am going to do the W30 and drag the kids with me, the adults have to choose for themselves.  It's going to cause problems, Grandma will give in to the whining (without much of a fight).  Yesterday, they all went to the store, and I specifically said to NOT get the kids a Icee.  So, Grandma gets back and just steps up and blatantly tells me that she got them Icees.  I was pissed.  Now, I have formulated a response, especially once we go Paleo full time, that response will be "get out".  It's pretty ballsy to go completely against my wishes.  She might be crazy, but now she's showing me she's stupid too. 

Their family history is full of diabetics, Alzheimer's, dementia, schizophrenia, heart disease, cancer, and all sorts of maladies.  I have made plenty of mistakes with the kid's diet, but I am trying to correct those mistakes and get them the best possible start!  I think this is the way of doing it.  Giving them fresh, healthy, whole foods, not a bunch of processed crap and sugar. 

In fact, Grandma and Papa would really benefit from a Paleo diet, but since soda is more important then their health, I don't think they would go for it. 

Everyone is going to get really pissed when I have them clean out the kitchen of all the crap.  If they want crap, they can buy it themselves.  I won't be buying anything that is off protocol, even my beloved Colonel is out in the cold, although he said he's on board, but that will only last so long, as he is deep in the heart of the sugar dragon.  44oz sodas daily, plus at least 2 tsp/cup of coffee, plus sodas at home (about a liter/day).  I gave up soda years ago, and all sugary drinks since February of this year.

With just over a week left on hCG, I can do the transition by October first.  That way I can get a few things set up.  I have to make Paleo mayo, Pketchup, PBBQ. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mt Lassen was freaking AWESOME

I had such a great weekend!  Camping and hiking and just communing with God and nature. 

We got up to the KOA camp outside Shingletown around 2 pm (the drive was long, and fairly bumpy, and we need new shocks in our van!).

Check in was a breeze, the only bummer was that our camp site was the furthest from the bathrooms!

Our Shingletown KOA camp site

Setting up was pretty easy, I let the Colonel deal with his parents and our eldest boy's tents, I put up ours (and Ozark Trails 5 man tent from Walmart, super easy to set up, even by myself!).

Our first meal out (when I say our, I mean their) was hamburgers cooked over an open flame.  Looked good, smelled good.  I had steak (oh, how I suffer!).

In the morning, breakfast was eggs and bacon:

The coffee was most important!

A morning quote from my FIL:

"I hate trees"

After breakfast and clean up (they have Dish Washing Stations at KOA).  We were off to Mt. Lassen.

North Entrance view of Mt. Lassen
The Littles at Noble Emigrant Trail

Chaos Jumble

Hot Rock (now famous for the Littles tinkling)

Mt. Lassen from Devastated Area

Grandma, The Peanut, The Colonel, The Puddin', The Pooker (front) on King's Creek Trail

OK, so I took the last one.  You might be wondering what I am looking like by now (or not).  So, lets recap:

This was me at the beginning of Round 2 (~265 lbs)

The Colonel and I (at 210 lbs).

There are more pics forthcoming (they are on the Colonel's computer).  We went back to camp 1/2 way through the car tour, but finished up the next day.  More to follow!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The body is happy, the mind is NOT

So, I have been stuck at 210 for a week now, and there is no hope in sight for dropping any weight.  On the same coin, I haven't gained at all either (except for that .2 lbs 6 days ago).  I don't quite know what the deal is.  For some reason, my body is very happy here.  I have had a goodly amount of energy, and have been moving a lot more.  Transition is on the horizon, and I am ready to start the LRx/Paleo.

This weekend we are going camping at Mt. Lassen.  We'll be staying at the Mt. Lassen KOA.  This will be our first time there.  We've stayed at the Eureka KOA last year, and had a wonderful time.  I wished that we stayed longer, but we got a good idea of the KOAs and how the Littles would take to camping (they loved it!).  Not that KOA is hardcore camping, it's a motel were you bring your own room.

Now that we are getting older, and have paid our camping dues in Scouts, we are looking forward to moving up from a tent to a RV.  We keep an eye out for a good deal on a Class C, or an older Class A.  We have to have something that sleeps 7, so finding a big enough RV is pretty difficult.  Not only sleep 7, but have seat belts for 7.

We are taking the In Laws (God help us all!), and see how they will respond/react to the whole camping experience.  My FIL, will spend most of the trip complaining that it's too cold, or too hot, and how HIS father would make them camp and be abusive!  My MIL, who is not on her meds regularly, will enjoy the ride, but just might start laughing manically, or just sit and talk to herself (and the "Voices").  The Puddin' (who sleeps until 1 pm) will see the morning sun and probably turn to dust.  The Colonel will have a good time doing the Manly Man thing (making fires, grunting, farting, and just being Manly).  The Littles will have a blast, but of course, be loud and obnoxious.  Me, other than my Mommy duties, I am going to take it all in. Journal, enjoy the scenery, and be in the moment.  I spend way too much time planning, organizing (and yet nothing is organized?) and being to Type A.  I just want to hike, breathe, talk to the Lord, Praise Him for His marvelous creation, and unwind.

So, anyway, I will be gone for a couple of days, and will post pictures (you'll get to see me at 210!) and tell stories of the whole family on our very first EVERYONE camping trip (scary!).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have been sitting at 210 for what seems like forever.  I am not sure to as why.  I have been following protocol.  But there are so many factors:  not enough water, too much salt (which I don't use), reaction to a mix of foods, no BM (sorry TMI), body is just tired of losing weight (weird but true).

Since I only have about 15 days left, I am just going to ride it out.  I really want to be in 'one'derland, but I don't know if I will make it, or even get close.

Today is a skip day for me, so I will be upping my water, which is the most common culprit to retaining water, and staying with protocol.

I am really looking forward to transitioning to P3, and starting my LRx, which will get me down even more (I was down 8 lbs on P3 without trying!).

I am also looking forward to exercising.  I will start with floor exercises, push ups and sit ups, maybe some planks (good for the core), and start practicing some burpees (stand, squat, kick out to a plank, push up, back to a squat, jump up to standing again).  It won't be smooth or fast for me right now, but with hCG winding up, I am going to focus less on losing weight, and more on getting stronger.

I will keep up this blog until I am at at least 175.  Sharing the pitfalls of Paleo and maintenance that I come across.  Once I transition, I will be blogging more on my other site:  Primal and Paleo, Parenting and Passion, which will have recipes, my journey getting the family on board with Paleo/Primal eating, what we do when we homeschool, and I might even add a survival section, because too many folks are unprepared for an emergency.

So, lets recap, 2012 was my year for losing weight, not for vanity reasons, but to get healthy.  2013 will be my year to get stronger and fit.  I want to be strong enough that I can save my family in any situation.  Like, if my children were hanging over a cliff, I could pull them up with one hand (the other will be wrapped around a tree or something), so I have to be able to pull up 70 lbs of dead weight (that would be both the Littles).  I don't think that I could do that with one (35 lbs) right now.  Or be able to carry my husband or eldest son to safety (150 lbs each).  Be able to run while holding my kids to get to safety, or even carry them for a long period of time.

These are important things to be able to do.  We, as a society, have become lazy and mushy.  We depend on FEMA to save us.  Ever since the debacle of Hurricane Katrina, I saw what I would never subject my family to.  With the gov't wanting to herd people around like cattle, pin them up in some sports stadium, and let folks fend for themselves.  All that would be fine if the people wouldn't act like sheep, and stay unorganized, allowing the criminal element to run rampant.  That won't happen on my watch.  I would rather live in a tent, armed, and ready to defend my family from the scum of the earth.

Sorry, sometimes the rants just come out!