Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just an Update

I haven't gotten the pics off my hubby's computer yet, so Mt. Lassen will have to wait.

Since coming home I have held steady, even showing another loss, even though I wasn't perfectly on protocol (POP).  I have been sneaking Paleo crunch, but I think the coconut oil (CO) is helping, it's weird but true that sometimes the introduction of healthy fats after a long hCG helps jump start weight loss again (not too much and not too often, otherwise it will backfire and cause a gain).

I was reading a blog the other day at Kris' site, and he was confessing being a food addict.  Which I can totally relate to.  I remember eating boxes of mac and cheese, a whole box in one sitting!  Then, heat up some tortillas (with lots of margarine, yuck!).  Then, I needed a sweet, which would be a quart (back when ice cream came in quarts) of Rocky Road.  All that food, plus meals, plus a few more snacks. Grazing takes on a whole new meaning for me!  And, in all honesty, I still graze, but now I default to protein only, but even that isn't right.  Right now, at the end of a 100 day hCG round, it's kinda expected, but still, it's bringing back old and very bad habits.

I just finished reading It Starts With Food, and am really excited to start my Whole 30, or for me, the Whole Life eating plan.  You can read Melissa and Dallas' website at Whole 9.  There is so much information!  I am trying to get the family on board.  In reality, nobody else wants to cook, so they are stuck at dinner, no matter how they feel about doing the Whole 30. 

I am going to do the W30 and drag the kids with me, the adults have to choose for themselves.  It's going to cause problems, Grandma will give in to the whining (without much of a fight).  Yesterday, they all went to the store, and I specifically said to NOT get the kids a Icee.  So, Grandma gets back and just steps up and blatantly tells me that she got them Icees.  I was pissed.  Now, I have formulated a response, especially once we go Paleo full time, that response will be "get out".  It's pretty ballsy to go completely against my wishes.  She might be crazy, but now she's showing me she's stupid too. 

Their family history is full of diabetics, Alzheimer's, dementia, schizophrenia, heart disease, cancer, and all sorts of maladies.  I have made plenty of mistakes with the kid's diet, but I am trying to correct those mistakes and get them the best possible start!  I think this is the way of doing it.  Giving them fresh, healthy, whole foods, not a bunch of processed crap and sugar. 

In fact, Grandma and Papa would really benefit from a Paleo diet, but since soda is more important then their health, I don't think they would go for it. 

Everyone is going to get really pissed when I have them clean out the kitchen of all the crap.  If they want crap, they can buy it themselves.  I won't be buying anything that is off protocol, even my beloved Colonel is out in the cold, although he said he's on board, but that will only last so long, as he is deep in the heart of the sugar dragon.  44oz sodas daily, plus at least 2 tsp/cup of coffee, plus sodas at home (about a liter/day).  I gave up soda years ago, and all sugary drinks since February of this year.

With just over a week left on hCG, I can do the transition by October first.  That way I can get a few things set up.  I have to make Paleo mayo, Pketchup, PBBQ. 

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