Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have been sitting at 210 for what seems like forever.  I am not sure to as why.  I have been following protocol.  But there are so many factors:  not enough water, too much salt (which I don't use), reaction to a mix of foods, no BM (sorry TMI), body is just tired of losing weight (weird but true).

Since I only have about 15 days left, I am just going to ride it out.  I really want to be in 'one'derland, but I don't know if I will make it, or even get close.

Today is a skip day for me, so I will be upping my water, which is the most common culprit to retaining water, and staying with protocol.

I am really looking forward to transitioning to P3, and starting my LRx, which will get me down even more (I was down 8 lbs on P3 without trying!).

I am also looking forward to exercising.  I will start with floor exercises, push ups and sit ups, maybe some planks (good for the core), and start practicing some burpees (stand, squat, kick out to a plank, push up, back to a squat, jump up to standing again).  It won't be smooth or fast for me right now, but with hCG winding up, I am going to focus less on losing weight, and more on getting stronger.

I will keep up this blog until I am at at least 175.  Sharing the pitfalls of Paleo and maintenance that I come across.  Once I transition, I will be blogging more on my other site:  Primal and Paleo, Parenting and Passion, which will have recipes, my journey getting the family on board with Paleo/Primal eating, what we do when we homeschool, and I might even add a survival section, because too many folks are unprepared for an emergency.

So, lets recap, 2012 was my year for losing weight, not for vanity reasons, but to get healthy.  2013 will be my year to get stronger and fit.  I want to be strong enough that I can save my family in any situation.  Like, if my children were hanging over a cliff, I could pull them up with one hand (the other will be wrapped around a tree or something), so I have to be able to pull up 70 lbs of dead weight (that would be both the Littles).  I don't think that I could do that with one (35 lbs) right now.  Or be able to carry my husband or eldest son to safety (150 lbs each).  Be able to run while holding my kids to get to safety, or even carry them for a long period of time.

These are important things to be able to do.  We, as a society, have become lazy and mushy.  We depend on FEMA to save us.  Ever since the debacle of Hurricane Katrina, I saw what I would never subject my family to.  With the gov't wanting to herd people around like cattle, pin them up in some sports stadium, and let folks fend for themselves.  All that would be fine if the people wouldn't act like sheep, and stay unorganized, allowing the criminal element to run rampant.  That won't happen on my watch.  I would rather live in a tent, armed, and ready to defend my family from the scum of the earth.

Sorry, sometimes the rants just come out!

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