Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 100

Yes, it has been 100 days on hCG.  I only have today and tomorrow left, and then 3 days at 500 calories (no hCG), and then I can transition to P3/LRx/W30 (boy, that seems like a lot of stuff!).

It's been a great ride, in the last 7+ months I lost 120 lbs!  And, although I didn't reach my last goals ("one"derland, a BMI of "overweight", being 185, or size 16's), I did accomplish a lot.  I am in reach of all of those goals, and will achieve them one by one.

I have said before that 2012 was my year of health.  2013 will be my year of strength. 

The Colonel and I are going to quit smoking on October first.  I figure if I put in the dedication to quit smoking like I did to hCG, then how can I lose? 

The things I want to do don't work well with smoking.  Time to put that major bad habit away.  I still have a long road ahead of me, not smoking, starting an exercise regime, getting out more, just getting my shit together.

I will post some stats later. 

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