Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Dose at Day 101

After 101 days, I have a last dose weight (LDW) of 204.4.  I am not breaking any records, or did I meet my final goals, but I am happy with the results. 

Yesterday, I told you about my measurements, and I lost 77 inches overall in the last 7 months, and will continue to lose more as the P3 reshaping starts up.

A lot of hCG'ers are concerned about gaining back the weight they've lost, and rightly so.  If you reintroduce the same foods that made you fat in the first place, you will gain the weight back.  Learning how the body "sees" food is crucial.  Sugars are insidious, you have a sweet, you want more.  Bread-y stuff is the same way, you have a sub sandwich, and you find you are hungry 2 hours later! 

Fats and proteins keep you feeling full.  Veggies give you the carbs your body needs.  Fruits can provide that bit of sweet that your sweet tooth craves (but not too much).  All of these things working together provide your body with the nutrients that your body needs to get and stay healthy.

Now that I am at a size where I can actually move, I am looking forward to exercising.  I will be doing floor/body weight exercises to strengthen my core before I join my local CrossFit box.  I am gaining confidence daily.

I still have issues seeing what I really look like.  In the mirror, I can see that I am thinner.  But looking down at myself, I look just like I looked at 325.  I know that I am more normal in size (with plenty more to go!), as my clothes are fitting different, I was wearing some yoga pants yesterday, and noticed that they were baggy on me!  Baggy yoga pants?  On me?  Who'da thunk it!?

So, having just gotten into 18's, I am already headed into 16's!  With exercise and Paleo eating, I have no doubt that I will be losing more weight, without even trying! 

It's weird, remembering all the different diet plans out there that I tried.  Diet plans that require so much work and effort.  Diet plans that push being a cardio junkie.  Diet plans that rely on the "calories in/calories out" method.  With hCG, I didn't have to "do" anything.  The food was laid out, easy peasy.  The rule was "no exercise" except walking (a healthy activity at any stage of life).  Paleo is just as easy.  The exercise part is to be short, intense, and fun.  None of which would have been fun if I was following CW and losing at 2 lbs a week (after approximately 28 weeks I would have lost a whole 56 pounds, which is good, but not guaranteed).  I would be sitting at 275-ish, hating life, craving sweets (because of the high carb-ness of a CW diet), and eating all the wrong (read processed) foods. 

No diet is "one size fits all".  Most are "your mileage may vary".  hCG worked real well for me, but wouldn't for others.  I embrace the Paleo eating plan, whereas others would think that they "can't", or worse, "won't" give up bread/grains, legumes, sugar, soda, dairy.  If you think you can't, you can't.  If you want to be stubborn, be stubborn, that's on you.  You can't blame a diet/eating plan that you can't or won't follow for your failures. 

My future is looking brighter everyday.  I may have not met my goals, but I am a damn-sight better off now than I was 7 months ago!

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