Friday, September 7, 2012

The body is happy, the mind is NOT

So, I have been stuck at 210 for a week now, and there is no hope in sight for dropping any weight.  On the same coin, I haven't gained at all either (except for that .2 lbs 6 days ago).  I don't quite know what the deal is.  For some reason, my body is very happy here.  I have had a goodly amount of energy, and have been moving a lot more.  Transition is on the horizon, and I am ready to start the LRx/Paleo.

This weekend we are going camping at Mt. Lassen.  We'll be staying at the Mt. Lassen KOA.  This will be our first time there.  We've stayed at the Eureka KOA last year, and had a wonderful time.  I wished that we stayed longer, but we got a good idea of the KOAs and how the Littles would take to camping (they loved it!).  Not that KOA is hardcore camping, it's a motel were you bring your own room.

Now that we are getting older, and have paid our camping dues in Scouts, we are looking forward to moving up from a tent to a RV.  We keep an eye out for a good deal on a Class C, or an older Class A.  We have to have something that sleeps 7, so finding a big enough RV is pretty difficult.  Not only sleep 7, but have seat belts for 7.

We are taking the In Laws (God help us all!), and see how they will respond/react to the whole camping experience.  My FIL, will spend most of the trip complaining that it's too cold, or too hot, and how HIS father would make them camp and be abusive!  My MIL, who is not on her meds regularly, will enjoy the ride, but just might start laughing manically, or just sit and talk to herself (and the "Voices").  The Puddin' (who sleeps until 1 pm) will see the morning sun and probably turn to dust.  The Colonel will have a good time doing the Manly Man thing (making fires, grunting, farting, and just being Manly).  The Littles will have a blast, but of course, be loud and obnoxious.  Me, other than my Mommy duties, I am going to take it all in. Journal, enjoy the scenery, and be in the moment.  I spend way too much time planning, organizing (and yet nothing is organized?) and being to Type A.  I just want to hike, breathe, talk to the Lord, Praise Him for His marvelous creation, and unwind.

So, anyway, I will be gone for a couple of days, and will post pictures (you'll get to see me at 210!) and tell stories of the whole family on our very first EVERYONE camping trip (scary!).

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