Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 100 and my stats...

OK, I promised I would be back with my stats so here goes:

Starting (R2) weight:  256 Gained 4.4 pounds loading  Official P2 weight:  260.4

Not official end weight, but after 100 days:  204.4

Total loss after 100 days:  56 lbs


June 10th:          Sept 19th (day 100):        Difference:

Neck          15                         12                                   -3

Shoulders    46                          38                                  -8

Biceps         13                          11.5                              -1.5

Bust             46                         41                                  -5

Chest           41                         35.5                               -5.5                   

Waist           48                         40                                   -8
Hips             53                         46                                   -7

Thighs           24                          20.5                              -3.5

Calves          17                           14.5                              -2.5

A total of 43" off during Round 2, add to that the 44.25" from Round 1 and I have lost a total of........

77.25"!!!!!!!  Freakin' sweet!

I said earlier that I have today and probably tomorrow before I am done with my hCG, so I will record my Last Dose Weight on Friday, which will also be the first 500 cal/no hCG day (got to do that for 72 hours). 

It looks like Monday I will be starting P3/Paleo/LRx and I am looking forward to my Big Ass Breakfast (BAB). 

I want zucchini in butter.  I want avocados.  I want eggs and bacon.  I want to eat the wonderful (but unappreciated) meals that I have been fixing for the carbcrunchers! 

I am lucky, I don't crave the bread-y stuff anymore.  Although, some of the pseudo Paleo goodies look good, I can do without.  No sense in tempting the "evil within". 

As I have said before, I will still be posting.  Losing weight was just the beginning of my journey.  I am still striving for health, which also means getting stronger. 

Hippocrates said:  "Let your food be your medicine", and I am taking that to heart.  Filling my body with garbage is a total deal breaker.  I (or anyone else) can't be healthy if I am stuffing my face with GMO laden fake foods.  Grains are literally for the birds (they have the stomachs to break them down).  I am going to continue with the healthiest foods that I can find.  Even the Colonel is climbing on board about grass fed/finished beef, pastured pork and chicken, even though they are so expensive.  Since we are both planning to quit smoking that will save us up to $300/month! 

At tax time, we are planning an add on to the house for the in-laws, and to free up space (plus adding another bathroom. One bathroom and 7 people is pretty hard).  But, we will be saving for 1/2 a cow, we have to put our order in by February for the early summer slaughter.  So, that is going to be expensive, but on the other hand, can we really put a price on our health? 

So far, that's what's going on, of course life happens when you make a lot of it is on a "we'll see" basis!

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