Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Pounds From Goal

I don't have any reasoning for a sudden 2.2 lb loss, but in all honesty, I am glad of it!  This puts me just 8 + lbs from goal.  I am a stone's throw away from a size 16, which means a bit farther and I will be in a 14.

It's funny.  So many who are using hCG are using it to get down those last 10 lbs, putting them at a 19 BMI.  Just because there is a number on a chart, that doesn't mean that that's where everyone should be.  An athlete will have little body fat, because they are athletes.  Regular folk don't need that, in fact, regular people shouldn't strive for that, because it isn't sustainable.  Sure, you can be a 30 something stay at home mom, spending 5 or 6 hours at the gym (guess she isn't stay at home, just stay at the gym), until the kids are due from school, but what happens if things change, and they always do, and she can't be at the gym?  Instant ballooning.  She might change her exercise, but she won't change her eating patterns.  Especially when boredom sets in. 

I am not putting down gyms, or people who use them.  My point is that if you can't find exercise that you can do everyday without a "membership", what happens when you don't have that membership anymore?  Sure, there are at home programs (PX-90, Insanity, etc), the video game consoles (Wii, Xbox), and of course, you can buy gym equipment (if you have the space).  All these things can keep you moving and toned, unless you get busy at home.  A TV show (or whatever is recorded on your DVR) puts you in front of the couch. 

Personally, I am following about 8 TV shows, and never get to watch them.  2 of them show on the same night at the same time!  What to do?!!  I miss them.  I go to bed instead.  I hope to catch them on a rainy afternoon on Netflix, or the OnDemand feature from my cable provider.  I watch too much TV!  But, all my exercising is either in the house or at the park.  At home I do push ups on the kitchen counter when I am cooking.  I do deep knee bends all around the house when I am cleaning up and doing laundry (every other day!).  I lift my children up in the air.  At the park, I play on the monkey bars, climb the equipment, slide on the slide, climb the "rock" wall, swing on the swings.

Add to that a nightly walk with my husband and kids.  A goodly amount of exercise.  With the cooler weather coming in, we spend more time outside, moving rocks and wooden beams to get the garden ready for next spring.

Exercise is such an icky word.  Just moving around is so much better.  I realize that once I start CrossFit, I am going to be a bit of a gym rat, but not excessively.  I will complete my WOD and still have all that moving around when I get home. 

I am so excited for 2013 the Year of Getting Strong!  When the Zompocolypse hits, I want to be ready.  Able to run carrying two kids, and a backpack of survival gear (yeah, I am weird like that!).  Even if the Zombies don't invade, just look at the things that do happen;  floods (Sandy is hitting the east coast right now), fires, earthquakes (I do live in CA, in a town that has had 6+ earthquakes), rioting (again, I live in CA), even tornadoes (weird but true, we get tornadoes!).  Just keeping prepared and my family safe cannot be done if I am too fat to move.  Fat isn't too much of a problem now, but being weak is. 

Good health is the end all be all of survival, well, that and being smart and prepared!  Hopefully, the Mayan Calendar is wrong, and the world won't end on 12/21 (I am really not too worried about that, no one ever mentions that the Mayan Calendar Guy just retired from making 5,000 years of calendars!).  For me, it's a Y2K thing, so I am not too concerned, OK, not concerned at all.  But, bad things do happen to good people. 

OK, off my "preparedness" soapbox. 

With only 8 lbs to go until goal, I am getting very excited!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Up Down Up Down..

Nope, not on a see-saw (do they even make those anymore?).  My weight of course.  I am pretty OK with it, the ups I pay for in cash (too much snacking, when I shouldn't be snacking), and the downs when I am behaving!

I am sticking to clean Paleo eating, with no snacks (sorta), and have lost a pound a day for the last two days.  I am at 196 now, -.4 from my "stable" weight.  I am still hoping to Paleo down to goal (11 lbs) by the end of the year.

If that goal is accomplished, I will not be doing anymore hCG.  Contrary to the FDA and the medical "professionals", hCG works.  And, yes, anyone can lose weight on 500 calories a day, but what else?  How could I stay at 500 cals for 70 days and not get weak?  How about 103 days?  The only problem I was having at 103 days of 500 cals, was boredom!  I was just tired of limited choices.  I wasn't weak.  I didn't lose any noticeable muscle mass (which I didn't have to start with...).  Instead, I got leaner, I got stronger. 

I will stand by hCG because it works.  Will it work for everyone?  No, of course not.  There is no diet that is "one size fits all".  But, just because something doesn't work for one person, doesn't mean that it won't work for another.  And, I am a medical oddity, I freely admit that.  It worked great for me!  My R1 losses were awesome.  Some start as big or even bigger, and don't show the same losses.  There are many reason's as to why.  Most don't stick to protocol (which does suck, but so does being fat), but some just don't respond as well to hCG.

There is also the mental part of hCG.  I will also admit that I am a bit scale obsessed.  I like weighing in, seeing a pound gone, when you are fat, who wouldn't.  After my 8 weeks of P3/P4 are up, I will only weigh in one day a week.  As long as I am holding steady, I am good.  I will still journal (good for the soul kinda thing), and if I gain, I will know why (I record my food).  A couple of months after that, I will put away the scale, and just let my clothes tell me what's what. 

I have the tools I need to succeed.  I know what I can and can't eat.  I am learning to exercise, not crazy 5 hour gym sessions, but to get in a good walk, use waiting time in the kitchen to do push ups (against the counter) or deep knee bends.  Play at the park WITH the kids, climbing, swinging, monkey bars.  These are just the beginning.

With my tools in place, then I can take advantage of the rewards.  Trips.  Plane flights (and only one seat).  Hiking.  Tennis.  Disc Golf.  Camping.  Parties.  Dinner with friends.  Do the last two seem shocking?  Why?  Because they usually involve food, right?  What's more important?  The company you keep or the food you jam down your throat?  Just like avoiding drinking too much, you do the same "carry a drink around" trick.  Put something (veggie) on your plate, and walk around with it.  Those who didn't know me while I was fat, won't even notice, and those who did know me fat, will be amazed at my perceived will power.  But there is no trick, no magic.  I am not stronger in will power, there is no "will power", I am smarter in my choices.

I am not perfect, by a long shot.  But, I do try to pay attention to what's important.  A doughnut is not important.  Being able to run IS important (especially when the Zombies invade, I don't have to out run them, just another slower person...).  What is the saying?  "Two seconds on the lips, forever on the hips...", very apropos!

So much life is out there!  I am so excited to be part of it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plenty of Sweat..No Change

Nah, I wasn't working out, I tried one of those detox baths.  You get the water as hot as you can stand it, add 2 cups of Epsom's Salts and 2 cups of baking soda, and soak for at least 30 minutes, adding hot water to keep it all steamy.

Sweat I did, lose weight, I did not.  My body seem really happy where it is (at 196.4).  Our nightly strolls around the 'hood have been fun too.  I do need to get to something a bit more challenging.  I really like tennis, but my wonderful Colonel only has so much time and a million things to do.  My FIL swears he enjoys tennis, but won't go due to some back pain here, not feeling well there, and just all around being a lump on the couch.  He sucks!

Went grocery shopping, and got some good food back into the house.  I am having a big ole steak as we speak!  I miss having avocado, but the produce in that store (Don't worry, WinCo, I won't tell them who you are...) is a bit below par.  All the 'cados were smushy, and I mean just collapse in your hand, ewwww, gross.  But, on the other hand, they have a great selection of bulk herbs and spices, I picked up enough ginger to fill one of those $6 bottles for...wait for it....25 cents!  On top of that, they have the best meat prices. 

I am still bouncing around doing another round of hCG, but my Paleo didn't really kick in until 8 weeks out, when I just lost 4 lbs for no reason at all, so I am going to stay the course right now, and not make any decisions until the new year.  I have accomplished more in these last 9 months then some do in 2 years!!!  And that ain't "hey".

Now that I am stable, I have to keep my focus.  It's really great not being afraid of my food.  Since I don't eat bread or sweets, I can't really go overboard on anything.  I try to keep the pseudo Paleo foods to a minimum.  I really wanted a sweetie coffee yesterday (peppermint mocha from MickeyD's), but stuck to an iced tea (no, we didn't get any food, just drinks, they are all a $1), we did have In and Out Burger, protein style, of course.

Off to make the Colonel lunch.  Tootles!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Up a Bit, But Holding Steady

I am at 196.4, which is up a bit, but below 200!  Yea me!!!

I have held this weight for 3 days now (a big jump from the 194), and if it continues to hold, I will roll with it.  I expect to start losing in another couple of weeks, as the reshaping part of the hCG comes to an end.  With Paleo eating, I will start to lose again, but I don't have a lot of worries about it.

I am still on the fence about doing another hCG round.  I don't mind working for what I want and need, but sometimes I get "loser's remorse".  I have lost 129 lbs in 8 months, how many people can say that? 

I have been walking every night, and getting a bit faster, and being able to go a bit longer, even tackling some hills with ease.  I would rather be hiking and checking out nature, but I will take my city routes until I can get to some better hiking trails.  Walking should be walking, but it does matter, physically speaking, to encounter uneven surfaces and walking around things, having to climb, scoot, and just plain ole avoid hazards on the path (kinda like life, no?).

What I am hoping is that The Colonel will see the dedication I am putting to my physical well being and OK the CrossFit membership.  It will require a little something from everyone in the family.  I might be doing the workout, but the rest of the family has to help out at home, and right now, I have a hard time letting them do that.  I worry about the kids, not their safety, but their ability to destroy my house and run all the growed ups at home ragged.

Well, all in all, I have about 2 weeks to go to get through P3/P4, then it's decision time.  I will either get back on hCG (doubtful) or do a low-cal Paleo plan.  Sticking to 2 to 3 meals a day, with no snacking, and upping my exercise routine will encourage more weight to drop off.  I would really like to ring in the new year at my 185 goal and strong and fit.

This has been been a great road to travel down.  I have learned so much about my inner strength.  What I can pull from deep inside me.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.

I am still having a problem seeing what is real.  I still look at myself and see a hugely fat woman.  My wonderful husband tells me over and over the things he sees, a complete 180 degrees from what I see.  Last night he commented on how thin my back looks (although fat, my back wasn't the worst of my fat), I just hope that I can get some more of the front to disappear.  I can live with the saggy skin, but all the fat has to go.

Anyway, that's what's going on in my universe. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things are going swimmingly!

Looks like I just might stabilize at 194, which is totally awesome.  I feel really encouraged right now.  I am in "one"derland, I have a grasp on my food, and Paleo is awesome!

I have been having eggs in the morning, along with some sort of meat, usually bacon right now, and even adding some veggies.

I actually had dinner with the fam for the past couple of nights.  I am keeping my portions small, except for veggies (go big or go home!), even having a bite or 2 of squash.

I am in a solid size 16 (yippee), and looking forward to a 14 (where the good clothes start!).

It feels good to feel good.  I have been walking nightly, last night I even went by myself (gasp!).  All the men-folk are like "you are going by yourself?"  Umm, yeah, after all, I am a trained security professional, and have a big key chain and plenty of keys, plus a Mag Lite, add to that a "don't mess with me" attitude, and I am A-OK!

More later!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Good morning!  After a bit of a stomach bug, I am back, and a few pounds lighter.  I have finally managed to hit 195.4 (to be exact).  I don't know if I'll stay there, but the nice thing is after making an offering to the Porcelain Gods and a day of fasting, I am starting with a clean slate.

This morning I made some scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and avocado.  Most of it is still sitting on the plate.  I don't want to shove everything down in one bite.  Just taking my time, and working through what I want.  I was actually hungrier last night than I am this morning.  Weird.

Everyone in the house has had this little bug.  Since everyone eats different, at least I know it's not food poisoning.  I think that it's just a one bathroom thing, is that TMI???  Probably.  Sorry.

The night I came down with that nasty little bug, The Colonel, the Pookers and I went for a long walk (I guesstimate about 2 miles).  It took us 45 minutes to complete the walk and we were all bushed by the time we got back home.  It was lovely though.  I have said before, I have always thought walking just to walk is dumb, but it isn't.  It feels good, even though my stomach was churning, the walking made me feel better, stronger.  When I would feel fatigue set in, I would just give myself a push, and get moving a bit faster, tripping over the Pookers and his bicycle!

I took all of yesterday off.  Just laid down and snoozed or watched Revenge on Netflix (I love my smart phone!).  All in all, it was a good recovery day, and I only get the one, today being Monday is my busiest day of the week.

My meal plan is simple today.  I am going to have a few more bites of breakfast, a light salad with tuna (maybe salmon), and a simple dinner (probably chicken).  Small bites, nothing too heavy because I don't want to gain any weight, and I don't want to tax my tummy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just an Update

Well, it looked like I was going to be stable at 198.2, I was there for 2 consecutive days, but this morning I was up a pound.  Bummer.  I am still in "one"derland, but flirting with the 200's, too close for comfort.

There isn't a whole lot of adjusting.  There are a couple of reasons I gained:  1) TMI ALERT- I need to "go", and 2)  I nibbled some sausage and pepperoni off the family's pizza, and it was late!  There is a new stress in the house, my MIL is lashing out at me (she's schizophrenic), and I am on her radar as an enemy.  So, it's not going to get any better.  Hopefully my FIL will take charge and deal with her, but he hasn't in the 5 months they've lived with us, and I don't expect him to do anything now.  That's OK, I will be the "bad guy" and have her 5150'd.  With two small children in the house, I don't want a scene, but I don't know just how far off the deep end she will go.  I have no experience with this, and I will let the professionals handle it.

Until the drama unfolded, we were having a great day.  It's Fire Prevention Week, and they had a safety fair in Chico.  Lots of police, firemen, park rangers, and even the Life Flight crew from Enloe hospital.  We got to see the helicopter land and take off, very exciting and cool!

My kids might just be in the local paper, which will be a hoot!

I did have a nice talk with a young man who was a student (at Chico State, I assume), working on being a PE teacher, I am sure there is a more PC term, but he and I talked kettle bells and Paleo.  His Vibrams were the conversation starter!

All in all, it was a great day, very kid oriented.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Mile Stone Reached!

198.6, yep, that was my weight this morning.  I took a picture, but this computer won't work right (it has to be the 'puter, and not me, right?).  I seriously need to upgrade (this 'puter has a floppy disc drive!).

Anyway, I lost another 1.6 lbs!  The biggest part of me (pun intended) wanted to lose, but another part just wants to be stable.  There is always worry about not stabilizing.  Weight lost during P3 is subject to an easy regain.  I am going to do everything I can to stop that from happening. 

This puts me in an interesting place.  The door is more open than it's ever been.  I am still waiting for more reshaping.  That translates to losing more belly fat.  It has been my big belly that's been holding me up in dropping sizes.

I am hoping that I will be able to fit into a 16 soon.  I am happy with the 18's, but that's not where I want to land.

I noticed that cute clothes start (or end, depending on your POV) at size 14.  My optimal goal would be a size 12.  But, I will take what I can get.  I am going to carry around extra skin for the rest of my life, a constant reminder of how far I let my self go.  It's my cross to bear.  It's the price I will pay for bad decisions, and I still have plenty of work ahead of me, but I am only 13 more lbs from goal.  Everything beyond 185 is gravy.

Now, I make better decisions

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Close to Stabilizing, or Just a Nibble Thing...

This morning I weighed in at 199.6 and was thrilled, so I thought I would grab a picture of the scale.  It had cycled through, so I stepped on again and it read 200.2.  I tried 3 more times and 200.2 stayed steady, so I will take the .2 lb loss.  Maybe I am getting close to stabilizing.  Yesterday I did nibble a bit, I had a few pieces of beef jerky, and tried one of my zucchini fritters. Maybe these extras stopped me from getting into 'one'derland, or I am just finally becoming stable.

The joke would be on me if I stabilize at 200!  I can't complain too much, in the past 8 months I shed 125 lbs! 

I am planning to start Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred on Monday.  I have used it in the past at 300 + lbs with good results (stronger core), so I am hoping that it won't be as difficult, especially those jumping jacks!  Getting 300 lbs off Terra Firma is not easy!  And, with smaller, less fatty boobs, I won't be giving myself black eyes every time I jump!

Once I start Jillian, I will stick to my eating plan, and any gains I will attribute to muscle.  And yes, one pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound of fat, the difference is in the mass.  One square inch of muscle weighs more than one square inch of fat, that's the difference.  The Shred really packs on the muscle quickly.  I just want to get my core in shape, a strong core is important to getting the rest of me strong.  My focal points are going to be my belly and arms.  Strong legs are a natural side effect of moving, plus, they are the largest muscles and build up quickly (hence the pain in your legs when you return to exercising).

Got to get ready to take the kids to Home Demonics...er,ah, Depot, they are going to build a fire engine.  Don't forget, next week is Fire Safety Week!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Working (tentively)

Down another 1.6 lbs this morning, which puts me at 1.8 lbs below LDW. 

I feel much better now.  I am still hoping to see 199, although right now my goal isn't to be dropping weight, but instead to stabilize. 

I am going to have to change up my diet, but not until next week, and once I stabilize (which I will soon, hopefully).

Everyone in the house is making me crazy!  The Peanut has a sore throat, and is acting like it's the end of world.  The old people are "needing" to go to the Dr.'s (I ran out my pills 3 weeks ago and I must have them NOW).  The Colonel hurt his back (which always sucks) and he is at the "I hate my job" phase. 

I really wanted to quit smoking, but my waking stress is incredibly high.  I just won't stop now.  I say "won't" because I am not really even trying.

Ah, but this too shall pass.  I will drag everyone around to where they need to go.  Take the old people to their Dr.'s, take the Peanut to his Dr., and get thru this with out killing anyone or breaking anything. 

The Colonel asked about Thanksgiving, saying "I guess we are having a Paleo Thanksgiving", to which I replied, "Thanksgiving is pretty Paleo anyway, minus stuffing, rolls and mashed potatoes".  After thinking about it for a minute, he realized that I was right.  Most "holiday" food is fairly Paleo, and with some adjustments, I can Paleo-ize most of the non Paleo fare.

It's amazing how fast this year is going by!  122 lbs ago it was February!  I have much more hope for 2013 being my year of getting strong!  For years I would fool myself into thinking that this year or that year I would lose the weight and get to do more things, only to find that the year would be half over and I would still be super fat.  Then I would apply myself for about 2 weeks, see minimal progress, and fall back into the fat oblivion.

Now it's different.  Now I am at a place where I can launch myself into new experiences.  I still see a fat woman, and of course I am still fat, but losing 100 + lbs certainly makes things easier.  Now I don't sweat the 20 ish pounds that I still want to go.  Now, I know that if I keep my diet reasonable, don't engage in any eating that is counter productive, I will succeed in reaching my goal.  Real food, whole food, looking at labels (which most fat people do anyway), and keeping a running tally in my head of acceptable/not acceptable ingredients, is a way of life for me.  Unfortunately, it is still a "food obsession", but I have to eat. 

It is impossible to even imagine life that's not based around food.  I have a friend (a skinny friend) that will forget to eat.  How can anyone forget?  I don't mean once in a great while, but on a daily basis.  Too weird!

I have to work for that.  I don't forget, I will choose.  Right now, I choose to not eat dinner, mainly because I am not hungry, but, let me tell you, I could eat.  There isn't a time that I can't not eat.  Knowing that, and understanding that, helps keep me in line.  I am hoping that someday I will just know when to and when not to eat, but I believe this will be my life long struggle.  I am an addict.  I am addicted to food.  I am addicted to eating.  I am a carbohydrate junkie.  But, just because I "want" it, doesn't mean I should have it. 

So far, I am winning, I can never let food have the upper hand.  It's a chore, but the end is worth the work.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Roller Coaster of Stabilizing

Good news, woke up to a 1.2 lb loss!  Yea!  Although a loss is great, I really need to be stable.  I am hoping that I stabilize a bit lower, but I can live with where I am just for a while. 

I am going to stick to the same plan I used yesterday.  Breakfast of roast beef (heated in CO) and 1/2 an avocado.  Lunch will be a big ass salad (BAS) of, you guessed it, roast beef (heated in CO and diced), 1/2 an avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, on lettuce, with mustard as dressing.  I upped my water, making sure I got in more than 64 oz.

I didn't have dinner, mainly 'cause I was filled up from the BAS and wasn't hungry, plus I won't eat after 3 pm.

We'll see how this goes, hopefully I will stabilize and then when I can see where I will land with Paleo.  Hopefully, I will get below 200, then I will only have 15 lbs to go to get to 185, which I think is an obtainable goal.  Not "fat" not "skinny" just healthy!

I will see what tomorrow holds!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can't figure it out!

After a bit of a loss yesterday, I registered a gain today!  Now I am sitting 1 lb over LDW.  In the scheme of the universe, that's not a big deal, with my CDO (that's OCD in alphabetical order), it's bothering me.  Mainly because I am comparing this time to last time, and R2 always seems to be a car wreck in comparison to R1.

Part of me is considering a Round 3 with hCG, just to get these last 20 lbs off.  But, if I can't stabilize here at 205, how am I supposed to be stable at 185?

Well, I have a list of problems food, and other things (like not enough water, meal times, etc).  Once I stabilize, I will be able to test them all out.  So, here's how I stand

I can eat most P2 foods (fruit shouldn't be eaten during P3, so that's a non issue).

I can add fats (CO, EVOO, avocados).

I have to keep portions small (kind of a duh statement).

Eat more veggies (good advice at any time).

No starchy foods for the time being (really shouldn't be introduced until P4).

Keep my water level up (64 + ounces daily).

Keep moving, walking and exercising.

Eat breakfast and a late lunch, no food after 5 pm (moved from 7 pm, so dinner with the fam is out!).

And, of course, I will add some rules and subtract some rules, as I get stabilized.

Depending on what happens tomorrow, I may have to do one more steak day.  The last one was a bust, maybe due to the J. Lee Roy's (the world's best dipping sauce made right here in Oroville!), so it will just be a broiled (possibly grilled) steak and a tomato (what a thrill!  NOT!!!!!). 

If I hold steady tomorrow, or even experience a loss (preferred), then I will repeat everything I am doing today, then see what Thursday has in store. 

This just might be my body being my body.  I am not eating grains or legumes, very few, if any processed foods (I guess J. Lee Roy's counts as a processed food, I am sure the caveman didn't have "dipping sauce").
So at some point I should level out. 

Like I posted before, I have to keep perspective on the whole thing (no matter how pissy I am getting!).  I am doing great, and my head is in the game, now to get my bod to cooperate!.

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's all in the perspective.

Steak day produced zero results.  On the plus side, I didn't gain either.  I am really bummed out about being .8 lbs over my LDW.  I was hoping to be at (or even below) 200 by now.  It's only been a week, but what a roller coaster.  Down by 2lbs, now up 2.8 lbs.  I am still within ballpark of my LDW, but I don't want to be.  I want to be smaller, lighter, losing!!!

I have taken to walking nightly with the Littles.  We trekked down to Boss Burger, no, we didn't stop to eat.  But it was about 1/2 mile round trip, both down hill and back up.  None of us got winded, none of us collapsed.  This time it was both the Pookers and the Peanut who accompanied me.  The Pookers is really good at keeping a running conversation (and I thought I talked too much!  So, he must get that from me!).

I almost stopped doing the LRx, but decided that 7 days in isn't a fair shake for a 6 week process, so I will see it thru to the bitter (or maybe better) end.

I really want to get into the CrossFit, but I am as weak as a kitten, in fact, I think kittens are stronger!  With the walking and floor exercises I might just get strong enough to start Jillian's 30 Day Shred, but I hate exercising in front of people, and I never get any privacy.  'Course, even if I could get a room and TV to myself, I would be pestered every 2 minutes by Littles, Parental Units, and household personnel that just can't live without me!

*It's Monday*

Two day posting, awesome.  Well, today is a bit better.  I am not so pissy!  And I am down .6 lbs, I know that's not much, but I will take it.

I have to shop today.  First is to get me something to survive on, next is to get the carb crunchers what they want. 

As far as the kids go, the battle will start again.  Yesterday, at dinner, The Colonel thought that them having hamburger buns was a great idea (it wasn't), so we are back to square one with the bread.  I wish that the adults of the house  would take a bit of interest in their health.  I also wish they would respect my choices for me and my children.

All my battles are uphill.  Fighting all the humans in my house.  Fighting my own body.  Fighting my cigarette cravings (although I am doing real well this morning, so far!). 

Well, I am giving out my Xena yell, and pulling my sword.  Bring it on!