Monday, October 15, 2012

Good morning!  After a bit of a stomach bug, I am back, and a few pounds lighter.  I have finally managed to hit 195.4 (to be exact).  I don't know if I'll stay there, but the nice thing is after making an offering to the Porcelain Gods and a day of fasting, I am starting with a clean slate.

This morning I made some scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and avocado.  Most of it is still sitting on the plate.  I don't want to shove everything down in one bite.  Just taking my time, and working through what I want.  I was actually hungrier last night than I am this morning.  Weird.

Everyone in the house has had this little bug.  Since everyone eats different, at least I know it's not food poisoning.  I think that it's just a one bathroom thing, is that TMI???  Probably.  Sorry.

The night I came down with that nasty little bug, The Colonel, the Pookers and I went for a long walk (I guesstimate about 2 miles).  It took us 45 minutes to complete the walk and we were all bushed by the time we got back home.  It was lovely though.  I have said before, I have always thought walking just to walk is dumb, but it isn't.  It feels good, even though my stomach was churning, the walking made me feel better, stronger.  When I would feel fatigue set in, I would just give myself a push, and get moving a bit faster, tripping over the Pookers and his bicycle!

I took all of yesterday off.  Just laid down and snoozed or watched Revenge on Netflix (I love my smart phone!).  All in all, it was a good recovery day, and I only get the one, today being Monday is my busiest day of the week.

My meal plan is simple today.  I am going to have a few more bites of breakfast, a light salad with tuna (maybe salmon), and a simple dinner (probably chicken).  Small bites, nothing too heavy because I don't want to gain any weight, and I don't want to tax my tummy.

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