Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Pounds From Goal

I don't have any reasoning for a sudden 2.2 lb loss, but in all honesty, I am glad of it!  This puts me just 8 + lbs from goal.  I am a stone's throw away from a size 16, which means a bit farther and I will be in a 14.

It's funny.  So many who are using hCG are using it to get down those last 10 lbs, putting them at a 19 BMI.  Just because there is a number on a chart, that doesn't mean that that's where everyone should be.  An athlete will have little body fat, because they are athletes.  Regular folk don't need that, in fact, regular people shouldn't strive for that, because it isn't sustainable.  Sure, you can be a 30 something stay at home mom, spending 5 or 6 hours at the gym (guess she isn't stay at home, just stay at the gym), until the kids are due from school, but what happens if things change, and they always do, and she can't be at the gym?  Instant ballooning.  She might change her exercise, but she won't change her eating patterns.  Especially when boredom sets in. 

I am not putting down gyms, or people who use them.  My point is that if you can't find exercise that you can do everyday without a "membership", what happens when you don't have that membership anymore?  Sure, there are at home programs (PX-90, Insanity, etc), the video game consoles (Wii, Xbox), and of course, you can buy gym equipment (if you have the space).  All these things can keep you moving and toned, unless you get busy at home.  A TV show (or whatever is recorded on your DVR) puts you in front of the couch. 

Personally, I am following about 8 TV shows, and never get to watch them.  2 of them show on the same night at the same time!  What to do?!!  I miss them.  I go to bed instead.  I hope to catch them on a rainy afternoon on Netflix, or the OnDemand feature from my cable provider.  I watch too much TV!  But, all my exercising is either in the house or at the park.  At home I do push ups on the kitchen counter when I am cooking.  I do deep knee bends all around the house when I am cleaning up and doing laundry (every other day!).  I lift my children up in the air.  At the park, I play on the monkey bars, climb the equipment, slide on the slide, climb the "rock" wall, swing on the swings.

Add to that a nightly walk with my husband and kids.  A goodly amount of exercise.  With the cooler weather coming in, we spend more time outside, moving rocks and wooden beams to get the garden ready for next spring.

Exercise is such an icky word.  Just moving around is so much better.  I realize that once I start CrossFit, I am going to be a bit of a gym rat, but not excessively.  I will complete my WOD and still have all that moving around when I get home. 

I am so excited for 2013 the Year of Getting Strong!  When the Zompocolypse hits, I want to be ready.  Able to run carrying two kids, and a backpack of survival gear (yeah, I am weird like that!).  Even if the Zombies don't invade, just look at the things that do happen;  floods (Sandy is hitting the east coast right now), fires, earthquakes (I do live in CA, in a town that has had 6+ earthquakes), rioting (again, I live in CA), even tornadoes (weird but true, we get tornadoes!).  Just keeping prepared and my family safe cannot be done if I am too fat to move.  Fat isn't too much of a problem now, but being weak is. 

Good health is the end all be all of survival, well, that and being smart and prepared!  Hopefully, the Mayan Calendar is wrong, and the world won't end on 12/21 (I am really not too worried about that, no one ever mentions that the Mayan Calendar Guy just retired from making 5,000 years of calendars!).  For me, it's a Y2K thing, so I am not too concerned, OK, not concerned at all.  But, bad things do happen to good people. 

OK, off my "preparedness" soapbox. 

With only 8 lbs to go until goal, I am getting very excited!


  1. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY happy for you Rusty!!! congratulations on your journey so far- You really are an inspiration to me. Hugs to you!

  2. thank you! Just like the cigarette, "I've come a long way, Baby!"