Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sick, losing, and 14s

Managed to catch another cold!  Maybe I am making up for lost time.  This one is the sore throat and runny nose, blah!
On the plus side, I am still losing weight.  Down another 1.4 lbs!  Paleo usually picks up where hCG leaves off.  I have lost as much this week on Paleo, as I did on hCG.  Hopefully, it will hold out for a bit longer, I am just 7 lbs from my goal.
I went to the Thrift store yesterday, to get some more 16s (my current size) and pick up a couple of 14s (my intended size).  One of the 14s FIT!  It was probably mislabeled, but I'll take what I can get, LOL.  Only one of the 16s didn't fit, Gitano's run smaller, I guess. 
Time to start cycling thru the 18s.  I am keeping my Levi's for sure, as they too run small (and they are straight legged 505s, the choice of Rusty's everywhere!). 
I actually need to invest in some tops that aren't junkie tee-shirts.  I did get a dress, that was a large, and surprisingly it fit.  I am constantly shocked that I am getting smaller.  I shouldn't be shocked, common sense alone should be convincing enough.  I don't know, maybe I am expecting to jump on the scale and see 300 plus pounds again.
My eldest son treated me and his brothers to Carl's Jr. for lunch.  Carl's offers a low carb Six Dollar Burger, which is just a regular 1/4lb cheese burger on lettuce instead of a bun.  I asked for bacon on mine and the boys (The Puddin' had a chicken sandwich), but forgot to lose the cheese on mine.  It's funny, the cheese doesn't really melt, it just kinda glues itself to the meat.  I picked off as much as I could.  I don't think that I have any tolerance issues to dairy (not that that cheese was even threatened with milk), but I don't really care one way or another, so why have the extra useless calories and all that processing.

Sick or not, the Littles are making Thanksgiving napkin holders at Home Depot (check your local HD, they usually do FREE crafts on the first Saturday of every month!).  Last month, they made little wooden fire trucks that were just too cute!  If you have small kids (I think 10 is the cut off age), I would encourage you to check it out!

Off to shower, even sick, a Mommy's work is never done!

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