Saturday, March 31, 2012

Current results 3-31-12

I am down another pound, which puts me now at 273.6.  I took my measurements and am down another 8.5 inches, for a total of 42.75".
Note:  These were taken with a cell phone, so the quality blows!

Feb. 8, 2012 @ 325lbs

March 31, 2012 @ 273.6

In some places it's easy to see where I have lost.  In others, not so much.  My belly is hanging on for all it's worth!  I still have about 15-20 days left, and would like to keep going until 250, but I think my body is ready for a break, although I am doing really well.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Third Down

Woke up to a 2 lb loss, which puts me at 50.4 lbs down and 99.6 lbs to go!  The trick with HCG is sticking with the diet.  Not easy.  There are days when you want to chew your arm off, and then there are days when you forget to eat, and are only reminded because your blood sugar gets low, and you feel woosey.

Like everything, there is no "one size fits all".  What works for me, may not work for you.  But, something will work.  The trick is finding something that works safely.  Almost anyone can go on a 500 calorie a day diet, and lose weight.  But, you would be starving yourself.  I can only do it, because I have such a huge amount of fat reserves that the HCG can exploit.  Even at 50 lbs lost, I am still really fat!

I am hoping to lose at least 10 to 25 pounds in these last days. 

The day after tomorrow, I do my measurements, here's to big numbers LOST!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Women Trying to Lose Weight

Well, I am on my last bottle of HCG, and have a tentative plan set up for the rest of the year.

Mid April:  transition to P3 (21 days)
Early May: transition to P4 (21 days)
End of May:  Start again with HCG (hopefully it works) P2 (43 days)
Early July:  transition to P3 (21 days)
Early August:  cycle to P2 (43 days)
Mid September:  transition to P3 (21 days)
Early October:  cycle to P2 (43 days)
Mid November:  transition to P3 (21 days)
Mid December:  transition to P4 (lifetime)

When I say 2012 is my year to lose weight, I mean it!  I am hoping that by the end of the year I will be under 200 lbs.  Life can be fickle, and so can HCG.  The best I can do is keep my eyes on the prize.  If I can get a large portion of this weight off, then it will be much easier to lose whatever is left thru a Primal/Paleo eating style and exercise.
Once I transition to the P3's, I will be doing plenty of exercising.  With the Littles, and having a Wii, and following some strength and "Grok" style training, I don't see any reason why I can't have a healthy body and a healthy mind.
Food is food.  It is fuel for our bodies.  Food isn't a friend, or even an enemy.  It doesn't love, it doesn't hate.  Now that I have a better understanding of what food is, and more importantly, what food ISN'T, I can move forward, and start focusing on moving my body with exercise.  Not becoming one of those crazy women who spend every waking hour in the gym (I don't like those people!), but someone who will romp and play with the kids.  Teaching them soccer, baseball, kickball, basketball, jump roping, hiking, camping, tennis (my personal favorite).  Taking advantage of all outdoor activities. 
I have spent far too much time in front of the boob tube, and am seeing signs of passing that bad habit on to the Littles.
Last night, the Puddin' asked me if he was fat.  He isn't, and I told him so, with a caveat that he could stand to do some exercising.  I told him that I was fat, and he said, yeah, but you are losing weight.  Lord, bless him and keep him.  Because of his autism/retardation, he will probably be living with us forever, and I can serve him best by being in great shape, and helping him stay healthy too.
Health is not about looking good (that's just a side effect), it's about feeling good, loving life, and LIVING for those you love (even yourself).
So, I have a plan.  This is my year.  My year to come out of my own shadow.  By the time I am done, I will have lost the equivalent of a whole person.  Right now I have lost the equivalent of 6 gallons of milk (8lbs/gallon).  Yes, I could pick up 6 gallons of milk, but it would be really heavy, and I have lost that off my body!  I am 6 gallons lighter!  Now onward to the 7th gallon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just an Update

I am .8 lbs lighter!  Yea!  I am wearing size 20 pants (OK, they are yoga pants, so real stretchy and forgiving, but I'll take what I can get!), which is down from size 28!

I can wear my size 26 jeans comfortably, and they help pull in the loose flab.

I have been researching what kind of exercise I will be doing (in about a month).  I am interested in the Move like Grok kind of exercise (Mark Sisson).  Sprints, lift heavy things, and lots of play and rest.  I may look into the CrossFit gyms (there should be one in Chico, Robb Wolf's), but I don't want to go in there a big 250 lb cow.  The Primal/Paleo crowd never seems too thrilled with people who need to lose weight to get healthy.  Sad but true. 
You'd think there would be more support for those who are trying to get healthy, but so many (especially thin/skinny people) think:  "just put down the fork" or "get off the couch" or "stop eating all that candy (ice cream, Bon Bons, doughnuts, nachos, cookies, cakes, etc)". 
They don't get it.  I don't know how many, including myself, have tried starvation (and failed), who have tried excessive exercise (and failed), who tried "low fat", "high fat", "cabbage soup", Atkins, Mayo Clinic, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Oprah's latest, South Beach, PX-90, Leslie Sansone, Jillian Michael's, The Biggest Loser, My Fitness Coach, common sense, all FAILED.  If nothing you do works, and you fail, you must be a failure.  What could you ever hope to succeed at?  Well, you can eat.  Eat your sadness.  Eat your feelings of failure.  Eat away the judgements of others.  Eat away your own self loathing.  All of which makes you want to eat some more, because you are mad with yourself for eating so much.  A true vicious circle.
Yes, we each must be responsible for our own choices.  If a fat person, such as myself, chooses to eat McDonald's, then that is our choice.  If a skinny person eats at McDonald's that is their choice.  If both of us have a Happy Meal with a coke, who made the worst choice?  Me?  Because I am fat?  Or the other person, because they are not?  Is that other person's money better than mine?  Is that other person crucified with judgement when they walk out?
I have made a choice to get healthy, and should be supported the whole way, instead of judged, and told that I am losing weight the "wrong" way.  What is the right way to lose weight?  That whole low fat high carb way?  Isn't that the same song and dance I have been doing but staying fat?  One pound a week?  So that I can be at my ideal weight in 175 weeks?  That's over 3 years!  If I can't stay on track for two weeks (a whopping 2 lbs!), then how am I supposed to stay on track for 3 years?
I don't say that all obese/overweight people should do HCG.  The FDA knows it works for some, and not for others, like most things, there is no "one size fits all".  But, the FDA has a new magic pill to be released and doesn't want their "clients (Pharmaceutical Companies)" to have any competition.

OK, my rant is over.  All I really want is to lose weight and get healthy without being judged. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stepping on the Wii

Just as a lark, I thought I would see what the Wii said about my weight loss.  First, it yelled at me for not using it in 160 days.  But, it weighed me at 268 (I am at 281 with a 41 BMI), and said that I was in the 39's for BMI.  Oh how I would love to go with what the Wii says!

I did my measurements today, and am down 8.5 inches (34.25" overall!).  Again, my losses were mainly in my upper body, and some weird moving around on my lower body (with some inches lost, but gained in other places, weird).

I am still at 281.0 lbs.  I registered a big 0 this morning.  We went walking and everything, but at least I didn't gain.  If patterns hold true (no guarantee of that!), I should be down a pound and some change tomorrow (I hope, I hope!).  I would love to lose 2 lbs and see the 70's (even if it's 279.9).  What I am really looking forward to is getting down to a BMI in the 30's (yes, even if it's 39.9).  Still obese, but at least closer to being just "overweight".

Well, I am off to do some errands and go grocery shopping.  I am going to Chico and hit Trader Joe's and S and S Produce, trying to get more healthy goodies in the house!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Made it to Day 40

and rarin' to go another 20! 
I woke up to a 1.4 lb loss, yea me!  I am down a total of 44lbs so far.  I was hoping for 50, but I'll take what I can get.
It is getting harder to maintain the diet.  I am getting hungry in the afternoons, and tend to eat all my protein (it's real easy 'cause I "snack" on my awesome homemade jerky!).  Today,though I am out of jerky and have lunch and dinner planned.  I think a lot of my current weight loss is omitting apples.  Don't know why, calories?  Fiber?  Sugar?  Can't say.  But, now I know.  If I have to do an apple day in the future, I would be OK with that, since I really like apples, and they are my "go to" fruit.  And, I lose well with an apple day, although some don't.
I am looking at another 20 to 30 days, since I still have an unopened bottle waiting for me.  When I run out, I will transition into P3 for 3 weeks (ordering one bottle of HCG) and then cycle back in to P2.  If I start losing weight, then I will order a second bottle and do a 40 day round, then phase into P3 and cycle back to P2, if I need to (which I probably will).
Thinking about it, I will probably do 3 rounds total, then Paleo the rest off, who knows, I change my mind or get new ideas all the time!

Game Plan

Round 1 60 lbs lost
Round 2 20-25 lbs lost
Round 3 20-25 lbs lost

So, at least one hundred lbs gone.  Maybe I will go 4 rounds for another 25 ish lbs.  It's harder to see it in black and white when you are just wishing the weight would just disappear in one fell swoop!  The rule of thumb is that you didn't get fat overnight, and you won't lose it overnight.  Since I have been fat my whole life, and nothing to look back on (no "good ole days" for me), I can't really use that phrase.  But, instead of looking back (which really isn't healthy anyway), I get to look forward to doing some great and fun things.  I was so sad a few years ago, when I realized that I couldn't go on any of the rides at Disneyland (too fat!).  My excuse was hanging with the Puddin', cause he wouldn't ride the rides (too scared), but it sucked not being able to participate in the fun.
Every pound loss is something fun to do.  Fly in a airplane and not have to buy an extra seat, or have some anorexic flight attendant tell me I am too fat for the seat belt (horrifying!).  Which means more travel!  The Colonel would like to go to Hawaii, but didn't want to be on a 5 to 8 hour flight with the littles, but I think he really didn't want me to be embarrassed 'cause I am soooooo fat.

Anyway, time to look forward.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Took a Walk

I woke up to a 1.6 lb loss!

Yesterday, I took the family (including the in-laws) out to the Spring Home and Garden Show.  The kids and parents got a chance to just get out, since it's been raining for the last week.  I only had beef jerky and an apple.  I ate the jerky, and forgot about the apple.  I missed my midday drops.  I had some chicken in romaine with salsa for dinner and strawberries w/stevia for a bedtime snack. 

I think losing the apples, and eating strawberries (a superfood) is helping me.  I only have 2 more days in this 10 day series, I was hoping to lose 10 lbs and get to a 50 lb loss, but, I will take all I can get.  Since I am going long, I am hoping for at least a 75 lb loss total, but, like I said, I will take all I can get.

Once the weather clears up, I will go out walking.  It is recommended, but if you don't, you don't.  If walking will give me some 1lb losses, I should add it to my regime.  The only thing that is important is losing the weight.  With me losing weight, and the family on Paleo, health is just around the corner!

Speaking of health, I was diagnosed hypertensive with medicines (I don't think so).  I checked my BP at Rite Aide (ok, it's not accurate, but it gave me a ballpark) and it was 127/87, much better!

HCG does lower BP.  But, it's the weight loss that makes all the difference!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Back on Track

Yesterday I woke up to a .6 loss, and today, I woke up to a .8 loss.  So, I have repaid my debt to the weight loss fairy, and earned some interest.  I didn't have an apple yesterday, which may be my stalling culprit.  On the down side, I have not been able to get close to 500 calories, either, which is not good.  Yesterday, I maxxed out at 370 cals. 

What I may do is increase my protein portion a bit, rather than use fruit as a calorie filler.  I eat double and triple veggies, but they only have so many calories!  Like a 12 in plate, piled 4 inches high with spinach only comes to 40 ish calories.  Lots of spinach, little in calories!

I am still hoping for some more body shrinkage.  Since I seem to be reducing all over, it doesn't seem like I am losing anything but weight.  Not that losing weight is bad, to the contrary, but I do get a bit green around the gills when everyone talks about getting into clothes that are sizes smaller, and I still have to wear my regular stuff.  But, everything in it's due time, I guess.  I just want it all at once.  Patience has never been my virtue, although, the Lord has tried to teach me many times.  I just have to remember that everything is the Lord's timing, and not mine.  Since He is God, maybe He knows what's best, but that doesn't stop me from trying to tell Him how to do things.  I think for the most part, God just gets a big chuckle out of me trying to do His job.

I am blessed!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When You Play, You Pay

Yesterday, while preparing my families dinner, I got to "snacking" on the chuck roast I was frying up in coconut oil.  The fatty meat combined with the CO was just too much, especially on a skip day.  This morning I woke up to a one pound gain.  Arg!

This does really put me into prospective.  I just got caught up in eating.  I wasn't hungry.  I just wanted the meat.  It was mindless and animal like.  Just one more, just one more kept going thru my head.  This was the second time that this happened, in as many days (day before yesterday, I ate some tri tip).  I am talking myself into this because "it's just some extra protein", but even that isn't a good excuse, and there should be no excuse.  It's about control.  I can't ever eat off protocol while on HCG and after, I will have to plan out, measure out, and stay in control.  No more eating out of meal times, since I still really can't tell if I am hungry, and even if I am, it's not like I will starve to death before my next meal!

So, here begins a new day.  I have to stand strong.  Stay focused.  Move forward.

Lord, help me!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Body in Motion

I took my measurements, and am up .5"!  For some reason, the "girls" picked up two inches, but I did lose an 1 and a half on my waist.

Once I took my picture, I could actually see that I am getting longer and leaner.  I am looking forward to what the next 10 days will bring!


Well, my apple day worked, I woke up to a 2.4 lb loss!  I start day 31 at 284.4.  I am hoping to lose another 9 + lbs, to bring my total losses to 50 lbs for my journey so far.  Sticking to the program has be easy.  The stall days are very frustrating (7 in the last 10 days), but, understandable.  I will be updating my inches loss, when I get to measuring, later today.
The apple day was easy to do, except for being thirsty.  I ate 4 apples, but could of had 6, I just didn't get to the other 2.  I hope that my body continues to release the pounds, knowing that it won't be 2 + pounds, but every little bit helps.  I think I have just gotten spoiled since I loss so well my first 20 days.  21 to 30 bit!  But, maybe my bod will want to shed the weight some more. 
For an overall loss, I am hoping for a total of 75 lbs (more would be nice).  That would put me at a solid 250, a stepping stone from 200.  Then, into One-derland.   I haven't been under 200 lbs since I was a teen!

Measurement updates coming!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

At 30 Days

Yes, I made it to 30 days.  These last 4 days I have been stalled at 286.8, I was hoping to end with a 40 lb loss, but maybe tomorrow I can begin my next 10 day series at -40.  Since I have been stalled for 4 days, I will be doing an apple day.  Dr. S recommends this for a stall period of at least 4 days.  You eat 6 apples during the day and only drink water to satiate a real thirst, although I am having coffee ('cause Mama needs her java!).

I am hoping to jump start my weight loss again.  I am having no problems keeping to the diet, although it's getting boring.  But, with my newer way of thinking, I don't want the "excitement" of food to be my primary reason for living.

The family is switching over to Paleo quite nicely, although the smalls are fighting some of the food tooth and nail, but the Pookers has always been picky.  The Peanut, on the other hand, is adapting quite nicely.  First thing, my kitchen is not run by a 4 yo, no matter how much he cries, and refuses to eat. 
I got my order of my flours (almond and coconut) so I am going to do some baking, including cookies, brownies, and bread.  I am also going to try the coconut tortillas and see how that goes with the Puddin', who will probably benefit the most from going gluten free, it may help his autism and just general discomfort (digestion issues).

The hardest thing is not tasting these creations!  But, if I get the family on track, then when I do finally transition (30 + days, until I run out of HCG), then I can continue to eat the same way, without fighting the chips, cookies, cakes, sweets  of all kinds, that I cannot have.

I am going to download some Paleo approved chocolate syrup for the littles to have with their coconut milk.

30 days down, 38.2 lbs down.  These are great numbers, and although my progress is slowing a bit, I will continue to keep trucking forward, to lose as much as I can.

I will report in tomorrow with new measurements and stats.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stalls, Dinner Parties, and Girly Time

After a 3 day stall, I dropped 1.8 lbs, then stalled the next day, UGH!

Had a bit of trepidation about a dinner party at my husband's bosses house, but everything went smashingly.  Wonderful company, wonderful food.

And, of course, through all this my girly time rears it's ugly head, which would explain about the stalls.  That, and the fact that I have lost nearly 40 lbs (37.6) in just over 3 weeks.  Totally awesome!  My body needs time to catch up with itself.  Hopefully, some reshaping will go on these next few days.  In four days, I will be measuring for my 3rd 10 day circuit, and I am hoping for some inches lost (big numbers!!!!).  I will take all the tape measure will give me!

The diet itself is going well.  I am getting the family switched over to Paleo nicely.  OK, let me clarify, my husband is getting on board nicely, the kids are baulking over "weird" food, like grilled veggies are weird.  Well, they were pretty rare in our house, a house in which "casserole" was a staple and go to food, like all our "old" ways, if it wasn't carb based, it wasn't a meal! 
I am still waiting on an couple of orders for coconut flour, almond flour, and a couple of other things.  Hopefully, everything will be here by next week!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Onto My Next Set of 10 Days

HCG has been amazing for me!  20 VLCD under my ever shrinking belt!  Today I woke up to a 1.8 lb loss (bonus), I measured and am down 8.5"!  Even though that isn't a "stellar" or "epic" number, I am happy as to where I lost those inches.  4" alone off my shoulders!  That means less back fat!  3" off my waist (an area of concern, 'cause my last weight increase was there, scary thing health wise).  I had an inch off my hips, but my hips are hard to measure, 'cause my HUGE belly is in the way.  I can't ask even my beloved husband to help with measuring, 'cause I am too embarrassed.  I would have to hold up my belly fat and have someone else measure my hips, no way.  That's too much (and probably more TMI than anyone wants)!

I am also very happy about the things I have learned.  Now I don't nibble while I cook, mainly because I can't right now.  Nibbling while cooking is different than taste testing.  Like when you grate cheese, and eat half of it, 'cause it's sitting there.  Not good.  A small spoon taste to make sure that your creation is seasoned properly is a must (except when you are on HCG).

Paleo cooking is very spicy, and it is hard not to taste test, but I have self control (at lease better than I did before!), and go by what my beloved husband says.  Last night was Paleo spaghetti, made with spaghetti squash, and was a hit to Daddy, eh to the Puddin', okay to the Pookers, and started off good to the Peanut, but then he found that he didn't like the texture.  So, it's in, and everyone will adjust.

Next week I am ordering some coconut flour, almond flour and few other things and will get the whole house switched to Paleo.  I also talked to Daddy about joining a CSA, that's where you support your local farmer and buy their crops (a box a week), you don't get to choose, but you get a box of fruits and veggies, excellent!  Considering that I spent about $40 on fruits/veggies the other day at the grocery, this isn't going to be an added expense.  And with the Internet, I will not be at a loss on how to fix stuff.

I really wished I could have tasted the spaghetti last night, but it does give me something to look forward to in a couple of months!