Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just an Update

I am .8 lbs lighter!  Yea!  I am wearing size 20 pants (OK, they are yoga pants, so real stretchy and forgiving, but I'll take what I can get!), which is down from size 28!

I can wear my size 26 jeans comfortably, and they help pull in the loose flab.

I have been researching what kind of exercise I will be doing (in about a month).  I am interested in the Move like Grok kind of exercise (Mark Sisson).  Sprints, lift heavy things, and lots of play and rest.  I may look into the CrossFit gyms (there should be one in Chico, Robb Wolf's), but I don't want to go in there a big 250 lb cow.  The Primal/Paleo crowd never seems too thrilled with people who need to lose weight to get healthy.  Sad but true. 
You'd think there would be more support for those who are trying to get healthy, but so many (especially thin/skinny people) think:  "just put down the fork" or "get off the couch" or "stop eating all that candy (ice cream, Bon Bons, doughnuts, nachos, cookies, cakes, etc)". 
They don't get it.  I don't know how many, including myself, have tried starvation (and failed), who have tried excessive exercise (and failed), who tried "low fat", "high fat", "cabbage soup", Atkins, Mayo Clinic, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Oprah's latest, South Beach, PX-90, Leslie Sansone, Jillian Michael's, The Biggest Loser, My Fitness Coach, common sense, all FAILED.  If nothing you do works, and you fail, you must be a failure.  What could you ever hope to succeed at?  Well, you can eat.  Eat your sadness.  Eat your feelings of failure.  Eat away the judgements of others.  Eat away your own self loathing.  All of which makes you want to eat some more, because you are mad with yourself for eating so much.  A true vicious circle.
Yes, we each must be responsible for our own choices.  If a fat person, such as myself, chooses to eat McDonald's, then that is our choice.  If a skinny person eats at McDonald's that is their choice.  If both of us have a Happy Meal with a coke, who made the worst choice?  Me?  Because I am fat?  Or the other person, because they are not?  Is that other person's money better than mine?  Is that other person crucified with judgement when they walk out?
I have made a choice to get healthy, and should be supported the whole way, instead of judged, and told that I am losing weight the "wrong" way.  What is the right way to lose weight?  That whole low fat high carb way?  Isn't that the same song and dance I have been doing but staying fat?  One pound a week?  So that I can be at my ideal weight in 175 weeks?  That's over 3 years!  If I can't stay on track for two weeks (a whopping 2 lbs!), then how am I supposed to stay on track for 3 years?
I don't say that all obese/overweight people should do HCG.  The FDA knows it works for some, and not for others, like most things, there is no "one size fits all".  But, the FDA has a new magic pill to be released and doesn't want their "clients (Pharmaceutical Companies)" to have any competition.

OK, my rant is over.  All I really want is to lose weight and get healthy without being judged. 

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