Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stepping on the Wii

Just as a lark, I thought I would see what the Wii said about my weight loss.  First, it yelled at me for not using it in 160 days.  But, it weighed me at 268 (I am at 281 with a 41 BMI), and said that I was in the 39's for BMI.  Oh how I would love to go with what the Wii says!

I did my measurements today, and am down 8.5 inches (34.25" overall!).  Again, my losses were mainly in my upper body, and some weird moving around on my lower body (with some inches lost, but gained in other places, weird).

I am still at 281.0 lbs.  I registered a big 0 this morning.  We went walking and everything, but at least I didn't gain.  If patterns hold true (no guarantee of that!), I should be down a pound and some change tomorrow (I hope, I hope!).  I would love to lose 2 lbs and see the 70's (even if it's 279.9).  What I am really looking forward to is getting down to a BMI in the 30's (yes, even if it's 39.9).  Still obese, but at least closer to being just "overweight".

Well, I am off to do some errands and go grocery shopping.  I am going to Chico and hit Trader Joe's and S and S Produce, trying to get more healthy goodies in the house!

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