Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, my apple day worked, I woke up to a 2.4 lb loss!  I start day 31 at 284.4.  I am hoping to lose another 9 + lbs, to bring my total losses to 50 lbs for my journey so far.  Sticking to the program has be easy.  The stall days are very frustrating (7 in the last 10 days), but, understandable.  I will be updating my inches loss, when I get to measuring, later today.
The apple day was easy to do, except for being thirsty.  I ate 4 apples, but could of had 6, I just didn't get to the other 2.  I hope that my body continues to release the pounds, knowing that it won't be 2 + pounds, but every little bit helps.  I think I have just gotten spoiled since I loss so well my first 20 days.  21 to 30 bit!  But, maybe my bod will want to shed the weight some more. 
For an overall loss, I am hoping for a total of 75 lbs (more would be nice).  That would put me at a solid 250, a stepping stone from 200.  Then, into One-derland.   I haven't been under 200 lbs since I was a teen!

Measurement updates coming!

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