Thursday, March 1, 2012

Onto My Next Set of 10 Days

HCG has been amazing for me!  20 VLCD under my ever shrinking belt!  Today I woke up to a 1.8 lb loss (bonus), I measured and am down 8.5"!  Even though that isn't a "stellar" or "epic" number, I am happy as to where I lost those inches.  4" alone off my shoulders!  That means less back fat!  3" off my waist (an area of concern, 'cause my last weight increase was there, scary thing health wise).  I had an inch off my hips, but my hips are hard to measure, 'cause my HUGE belly is in the way.  I can't ask even my beloved husband to help with measuring, 'cause I am too embarrassed.  I would have to hold up my belly fat and have someone else measure my hips, no way.  That's too much (and probably more TMI than anyone wants)!

I am also very happy about the things I have learned.  Now I don't nibble while I cook, mainly because I can't right now.  Nibbling while cooking is different than taste testing.  Like when you grate cheese, and eat half of it, 'cause it's sitting there.  Not good.  A small spoon taste to make sure that your creation is seasoned properly is a must (except when you are on HCG).

Paleo cooking is very spicy, and it is hard not to taste test, but I have self control (at lease better than I did before!), and go by what my beloved husband says.  Last night was Paleo spaghetti, made with spaghetti squash, and was a hit to Daddy, eh to the Puddin', okay to the Pookers, and started off good to the Peanut, but then he found that he didn't like the texture.  So, it's in, and everyone will adjust.

Next week I am ordering some coconut flour, almond flour and few other things and will get the whole house switched to Paleo.  I also talked to Daddy about joining a CSA, that's where you support your local farmer and buy their crops (a box a week), you don't get to choose, but you get a box of fruits and veggies, excellent!  Considering that I spent about $40 on fruits/veggies the other day at the grocery, this isn't going to be an added expense.  And with the Internet, I will not be at a loss on how to fix stuff.

I really wished I could have tasted the spaghetti last night, but it does give me something to look forward to in a couple of months!

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