Tuesday, February 28, 2012

She Shoots, She Scores!

Today I reached my 10% loss goal!  I am so happy. 
This is easy (in the overall scheme)!  I wish everyone could lose this well.  Sometimes I feel some "loser's remorse" at doing so well, but then again, I am really fat, so I have plenty to lose.
Once I get to a normal weight, I need to focus on something new.  Besides adopting a Paleo lifestyle (maybe make an appointment with Robb Wolf, he lives in the next town over), I need to seek out others who need to lose weight. 
Since I am in the know about most things fat, at least they can trust that I know what I am talking about.  Maybe go back to school?  But for what?  A govt education that will teach bad information?  Whole grains are good, blah blah blah...
Well, the Lord will show me what He wants me to do.  The whole problem with getting folks on board, is that they don't want to be responsible.  Take the magic pill/formula/plan and all the weight will come off "while eating your favorite foods".  Bull puckies!
Sometimes it's not fair.  Good people.  Decent people cannot eat like their friends and loved ones.  They can't celebrate with "normal" food.  How do you change that mindset in another person?  That the grain load, trans fat leaden, way too much sugar cake at a child's birthday party is a bad thing.  How can Breyer's ice cream be bad?  It's all natural, right?  Wrong.  It's low fat milk, with more sugar than it needs, and "enhanced" with natural flavors, why?  'Cause they used the "healthy" low fat milk and had to find taste somewhere, ah, chemicals!
What if it's your kid?  Do you keep giving your child the same things that made you fat and unhealthy?  Oh, and before anyone says it, no matter what your doctor says about your heart and blood work, if you are carrying extra weight, you are unhealthy, period.  I don't care what your BP is now, in a few tomorrows it will get higher.  I don't care how strong your heart is now, in a few years it will get weaker.  We consider it normal to GAIN weight as we get older (that's just how it is), that's not normal.  As we get older, shouldn't we get smarter?  Obviously not, if you accept that notion.
Are you one of those people who says they "can't live without" (fill your favorite here) soda, cheesecake, ice cream, chocolate, potatoes and butter, protein shake, french fries, Starbucks anything?  Here's a tip:  You can't live without air.  Everything else is a matter of how long you will choose to live, or how sick you will let yourself get, choosing these things.
No air, dead.  No water, dead, but in a couple of days.  No food, dead in a month or two.  Food, you pick.  A diabetic can kill themselves fairly fast, but piece by piece.  First a foot, than lower leg, then the other foot, then a whole leg, then the other leg.  Diabetes is no joke.  Why chance it if you could stop it before it starts?  Seriously, if I told you eating a Twinkie will force the medical profession to amputate your legs or you will die, would you still eat it?
Sometimes the smallest things shows us the biggest picture.
Now, back to happy thoughts.  Today is a 'skip day' for me.  Back to HCG tomorrow, and hopefully some weight loss!  Onward to my next goal of 275 (for a total of a 50 lb loss).

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