Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy Skipping

The "Happy Happy Joy Joy" is in regards to waking up to a 2.6lb lost!  Skipping is in reference to this being my "skip" day, where I don't take hcg, to avoid becoming tolerant to it.
Pretty soon, folks are going to accuse me of being a man.  Actually, gender has only a bit in this, the reason I am losing so quickly is because I am so heavy.  I was also very careful about my loading days, opting for lots of fatty foods rather than bready stuff.
This really proves my point that I have no business eating grain based/starchy foods.  My body is too sensitive to the effects.  I order some cookbooks from Amazon, Paleo and a couple of gluten free (coconut flour) books.  I have done very well with having no carbs.  So far, since there is a good payoff (weight loss) my attitude has been very positive.  But, just to be fair (LIFE"S NOT FAIR), I haven't had a huge drama in my life either.  So nothing has happened that would make me want to chuck it all and raid a McDonald's. 

It takes 30 days to break a habit, and put a new habit in it's place.  I have 90 days, three times as much time as is needed.  And during that time, I am going to learn all about Paleo, all about gluten-free, all about what to avoid and why I am avoiding it.  The toughest sell is going to be my beloved Colonel.  He finds all this diet stuff to be hokey.  When I said that I couldn't eat carbs anymore, he became skeptical, immediately.  But, he can't argue with the facts.  No carbs and I have lost 19.2 lbs.  Yes, hcg helped direct my abnormal fat cells to release the fat, but it's the diet that is spurring this all on.  I don't eat the carbs I am offered (Melba toast or a Grissini breadstick).  I don't want them, and I don't NEED them, at all!
So, I am going to research going grain free, and find alternatives (coconut flour, almond flour) to make the goodies that the Colonel won't live without.  The kids will switch and not think a thing of it, which will serve them in the future.  I am not going to demonize sugar, bread, and such, but instead direct the family to learning that these things aren't necessary or even vital to live.  Things that will stay, butter, cheese, and even bacon (as more of a "treat" rather than a staple).  The financial investment is going to be high.  I want to find cage free, non vegan, blah blah blah, eggs (high in omega 3's), the non grain flour, and grass fed beef, free range pork, and free range chickens.  Fish will be added too, but finding fish from a decent fish monger here in Northern California will be quite a trick!  Maybe a trip or two to San Fran will be in order to get the fresh fish, put it on ice and bring it home to freeze.  I have to practice how to skin and fillet a fish, since I am new to the whole seafood thing.
Hopefully, I will remain focused today, without the assistance of hcg.  I will take some B-12 around noonish (after lunch).
OH, and maybe my steamer will come in and I can have lobster or shrimp today!  Yummy!

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