Monday, February 13, 2012

Still moving forward...

...but at a slower pace.  Today I was down 1.8 lbs, still awesome and fantastic!  I knew this time was coming.  The average for women to lose is .5 to .75 lbs a day.  In a week, at .5 is equal to 3.5 lbs.  Extrordinary!!!  The "professionals" say 1 to 2 lbs is "healthy".  I say "pfffttt..." to them.  I have lost a total of 16.6 lbs so far, and that's in 5 days!
In 7 days, I will be taking a new picture, and taking measurements, and average out my weight loss, and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprized.
The best part, is learning more about what I put into my body.  What has been making me fat.  What my attitude is about being fat.  And, changing my thinking about food.
I wish it was as easy as the snobby skinny people say, but it's not.  It's real easy to be on a high horse when you can scarf all you want and not gain.  Now, I am learning to find celebrations in nonfood ways.  I will be working hard on the up coming holiday menus.  We have birthdays coming up.  Luckily for me, although I love cake, I can't stand frosting anymore. And instead of always serving pizza, I will come up with some great salads (fruit and lettuce) and we can make burgers.  I need to invest in one of those "gluten free" cookbooks.  In fact, the further I can get me and my family from grains, the better.  Which means no corn, either.  You know when you go # 2 and the corn kernels are just sitting there?  Guess what?  Your body has been doing everything it could to break down the corn, which is irritating the lining of your stomach and intestines, and not breaking down!
Anyway, I am hoping, at the end of the "deca week" I will have made it into the 200's (or at least darn close), and will have some of the ever popular (but always TMI) Tales from the Shower!

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