Sunday, February 19, 2012

From a posting I made at the HCG Forum

I am in my 2nd stall day.  After a huge 22.4 pound drop in 12 days, I am not going to worry much (at least, not right now!), this is a natural time for my body to recoup and re-shape.
So many good things are coming out of this diet.  From not having the steering wheel rubbing on my belly, to my robe doubling over me, to just feeling better about myself.  The best things I am getting though, is understanding.  The understand that my life is not just about food.  That, even though society says to eat and eat, I can be apart from the crowd and say no. 
It's not will power, if I had had any will power, I would have never been fat in the first place.  No, it's something more.  It's like being able to see for the first time.  I have been learning about new ways to live, and new ways to eat.  I cannot have grains, refined sugars, processed foods.  These things are poison to me. 
Last night, my wonderful husband took me out to the movies.  Walking in with that smell of buttery goodness, pictures of cheesy nachos, that smell of buttery goodness, all the pretty candies, that smell of buttery goodness...  OK, you get the picture (and have been in a movie theater), instead of bemoaning my loss of popcorn (it's a grain, you know, and not on protocol) I enjoyed my husband, we got there early, and played a zombie killing video game.  We got our 3-D glasses, headed into the theater (we saw Ghost Rider 2), sat, and while my wonderful hubby ate a popcorn (at my insistence), I drank my iced tea, and drank in the sights and sounds of the room around me.  Did I want those lovely treats?  Absolutely.  I even felt the urge to reach over and pluck a popcorn kernel off my hubby's shirt and eat it.  I didn't. 
Walking out, there was a new spring in my step.  A feeling of contentment, something like a job well done, but more.
Each day is going to bring challenges.  There will be days that I mourn that I am "not like everyone else", because I can't eat certain things.  But, truly, if the only thing that life had to offer was food, then why lose weight?  No, there is more, so much more to life and living.  I want every precious moment!

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