Saturday, February 18, 2012

Settling in and marching forward

Today I scored a goose egg in weight loss.  Zero, in this case is good.  Better to hold than to gain.  Yesterday, I was down another 1.2 lbs. 
There are going to be days like these.  After more than 22 lbs lost, I can't really complain.  I am hoping to get below 300  by tomorrow, and it can happen (calling the Whoosh Fairy!), but if it doesn't, it doesn't.  That will be the end of this part, and I will move on to my next 10 days.  So, I am 11 days down (counting load days) and have 79 days to go.  I will keep on while I can.  By the second week in May, I will go into phase 3/phase 4.  I am hoping to be down 100 lbs (or better).  Then I will figure if I will do a round 2. 
My worry is my own body chemistry.  I have a tendency to become tolerant to anything I take.  Once I take something for any period of time then stop, I don't respond to it anymore (like ibuprofen).  That's why I am going the long route, and hopefully, lose a large amount of weight in the NOW, as opposed to a pound here and a pound there, never achieving any goals.

As the countdown continues, I am hopeful for the best of what I can do, and what HCG has to offer.  I just can't be fat anymore.

A test of my resolve will come up tonight when we go to the movies.  I will take an apple with me, for just in case, but to be surrounded by popcorn munching, the intoxicating butter smells, and the nachos, red vines, M & M's, and pretzels with cheese, just makes me remember that I can't have these things.  They are poison to me!  And I am going to treat them and think of them as such. 
Poison.  Grains.  Sugars. Starches.  All are a fat death to me.  It's a real shame that the USDA/FDA go on and on about grains being the end all be all of being healthy, but of course, they are not.  How is it that the Infamous They can perpetuate such lies?  When America is getting fatter and fatter, sicker and sicker, spending more and more on medical care that they wouldn't need if the Diet Dictocrats (Thanks to Sally Fallon for that) would actually be truthful. 
In another month or so, I am going to the "Doctors", and I will ask for a blood test to test everything.  I am very interested in seeing that my cholesterol is down, my blood pressure is down, and my numbers are so much better across the board.
I will bring my HCG journal in with me, just to prove that, as usual, the medical profession doesn't have a frickin' clue about what they are talking about.  Maybe, if Doctors would worry less about funding and a big ole paycheck, and more about people's health and well being, the lies and falsehoods would stop.  Doctors would actually take time to learn from nutrition up!

Even though I didn't lose any weight today, I can wrap my robe around myself, where the side pockets overlap in the front.  HA.  Yea for me!

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