Friday, February 10, 2012

So It Begins

I received my hcg drops from Body Shaper on the 7th, and started "loading" on the 8th and 9th.  Loading is when you eat and eat (going for high fat content), then, when you think you couldn't eat another bite, you eat some more. 
There is a weird psychological thing going on, 'cause when you have Carte Blanc to scarf like a pig, you suddenly find that you aren't hungry.  It's not only weird, but stupid too!
I said my goodbyes to many favorites.  Not just for the duration of my diet, but also for life.  I will be using this time to learn about Paleo eating (Caveman diet).  Lots of fruits and veggies, lots of meat, no grains, little or no dairy.  Cheese will probably stay in our diet, along with butter.  Milk is really neither here or there with us.  We can switch to coconut milk, and the kids will be just as happy.  Except for those horrid flavor straws, the kids don't drink milk anyway.
So today beings my hcg VLCD (very low calorie diet) which should max out at about 500 cals.  It's going to be hard, but looking at the big picture, I can't stay fat.  I have put alot into this.  $325 alone in hcg.  Then extras (new scale, digital food scale, $300 in meat/veggies), then there is the mental preparation.  I have lived for this time. 
Is there a pay off?  Sure, this morning, after eating and eating, I woke up to a 4 pound weight loss.  Yes, four pounds.  After eating everything that wasn't nailed down.  In 2 days, I lost 4 pounds.  The Medical community says a pound a week is "healthy".  No, a pound a week is slow.  A pound of weight loss from the Medical community is a pound of necessary fat, not abnormal fat.  My 4 pound loss is abnormal fat.  That's what hcg does, it attacks abnormal fat.  We need the fat in our bodies.  Fat protects our internal organs.  There is a fat patch under your heels, otherwise, you would be walking on a bone (ouch!).  Structural fat.  Then there is your storage fat, that with people like me, can't be released with regular dieting.  Wait, it can be released, but only after you have gotten rid of your structural fat, and started breaking down muscles.  Because the storage fat is for the lean famine times (of which most of us in the US will never see), the human body will do everything it can to hang on to it, including eating it's own muscles to keep that storage fat as full as possible. 
Because we (as a society) consume extraordinary amounts of grain based carbohydrates and refined sugars, the body cannot use the excess, and stores it away.  When was the last time you couldn't go to the grocery and "hunt" down a wild loaf of bread? 
After the flood, other than what was stored on the ark, there were no grains to be had.  This was when man had to start eating animals (even possibly before that, Adam may have hunted, but this is for the Creationists to argue over).  Other than being on the Ark, the animals were afraid of man.  They weren't going to stand still.  The hunt was on.
Anyway, long story short (too late), while I am learning to eat better, I will simultaneously start teaching the family to start eating better too.
So, here's what hcg is going to do for me.  HCG is going to help me release the abnormal fat stored in my fat cells (we are born with X number of fat cells, and they fill up with stored fat), the hcg encourages the body to use this stored up fat for energy, rather than relying on carbohydrates to provide energy by eating.  The fat cells will release the fat, and be replaced (in the beginning) with water, then the water will be released.  I only have a rudimentary understanding on how the process works.  But, it does work. 
For those who think they should lose 5 or 10 lbs, it may not work.  Just because you have a poochy tummy, doesn't mean you are storing extra (abnormal) fat.  Fat storage is normal.  Being obese, is NOT NORMAL.  So, for those who are seeking that Kate Moss waif look, you must look elsewhere (try anorexia, or some sort of concentration camp).  I would hope that most adults would realize that being supermodel, stick figure thin, is unhealthy, and not sexy.  Any man who would want a woman like that is sick in the head.  Any woman who would do that to herself to get a man, is suicidal.
I am lucky, my Colonel is a "chubby chaser", that's how I landed him.  But, truthfully, he understands that all this extra weight is putting a strain on me.  I have been diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure), and although it's not being treated with medicine, my arteries are starting to clog with high cholesterol.  Too thin or too fat, both are suicide by fork (not enough fork, or too much fork).  Both are also very slow and painful.  Painful to live, and painful to watch.
Oh, in case you didn't know, the reason those "super models" are so thin, is because they are living human wire hangers, to show how the clothes drape.  It is also the reason they have such a sour look on their faces (that mean look), so you won't look at their face, but at the clothes instead.  Is this really something to strive for?  Seriously, a human, sour faced hanger?
So, as the blog title says, this is the beginning.  My diet day will look like this:
Wake up, pee, weigh.
Take hcg, holding for 5 mins under my tongue.
30 minutes after that, drink coffee, tea, and the ever present water.
Have lunch (100 g fish, chicken, lean beef and veggies, radishes, lettuce, Swiss chard, beet greens, tomato, onion, cucumber, asparagus.  Maybe one piece of fruit, strawberries, handful, 1/2 grapefruit, apple or orange.  One piece of Melba toast or grissini bread stick is also allowed, but I don't really want the carbs).
Wait 30 minutes, take hcg.
Wait another 30 minutes, continue with water (at least 2 litres a day), coffee, tea.
Dinner, repeat lunch with different meat and veg.
Wait 30 minutes, take hcg.
Wait another 30 minutes, drink more water.

Not exciting by any means, except when I wake up in the morning and found that I have lost another 1/2 a pound to a pound. 
The first week is usually big losses (I lost 4 pounds in 2 day, AWESOME).  The second week the body is recouping, so although weight loss slows down (and sometimes stalls), inches will start coming off.  The third week everything evens out, for the most part, (mostly....). 
There will be big loss days, small loss days, and no loss days.  A huge part of losing weight is your mindset.  I know that I am my worst enemy.  I will beat myself up with food.  Bad day, eat.  Started having a good day, then the kids made me mad, eat.  Someone looks at me wrong, eat.  The sun came up, eat.  Do you see the pattern?  Yeah, me too.  Except, because I am, in essence, trying to kill myself, I didn't care.  My pal food will make me feel better, right?  Here's the vicious cycle.  Food seems to make me feel better, then I feel worse about all the eating, so I eat more to feel better.  This isn't just me.  This is all the fat (obese) people.  We all have different reasons for turning to food in the first place, but the cycle is the same for all of us. 
Remember all this, because Rusty is good, Rusty is wise.  And getting thinner everyday!

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