Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Mini Goal is Within Reach

I am now half a pound from my first goal.  It's not much (at least to those who aren't as fat as I am), but my first goal is to be under 300 lbs.  I'll even take 299.9 with relish (not the pickle kind).  In all theory, I have achieved this goal, because I wear my robe when I weigh (I feel stupid standing in the kitchen nekkid), and as much material that was used to make it must weigh at least half a pound, if not more!

My next goal will be to lose 10% of my original body weight (32.5).  That would put me at 292.5.  Then I start working for 275, 250, 225, 200.

If I can get down to 225, I will be a happy human.  Since I am doing this for a full 90 day (that may change, but that's the plan right now), I will take all I can get.  My losses are extraordinary! 

Last night, Pookers asked for strawberries and cucumber, so I hopped online to find a salad, and there was one from Food.com.  I had to alter it for protocol, but that was easy, and I could share with the whole family!  Next time I serve it, I will double the recipe (since that is where my calorie fillers come in!).

Today is a skip day for me (I don't take HCG to avoid immunity), my last skip day went alright, and I don't expect any drama from it, the kids?  Sure, huge amounts of drama from them!

So far this is smooth sailing.  I think that I am doing well because of researching out HCG, and being on the HCG Forum.  Through the Forum I have read what works for some, what doesn't work for others, and some trappings and mindsets that some people bring on themselves. 

There are those who are already thin, who think they need to be thinner, but the HCG won't work for them and they feel that they are just starving, because they are.  Then there are those who want to lose weight, but aren't mentally prepared for what the diet entails, and cheat and cry about their weight loss being so slow.  Then, there are those, like me, who put in the work.  Who have the right mindset.  Who want all they can get from HCG.  It's not easy.  The food gets boring.  Society shoves "forbidden fruit" in your face all the time.  Family/friends don't understand.  HCG gets bad press, usually from those who haven't done it, or those who have, but it didn't work (or they cheated all the way thru).  Not everything works for everyone.  Some people are just better at metabolizing what they eat.  Other (like me) cannot live to eat, drink and be merry.  I can be merry, but my joy can't be all about food.  Having that understanding is a huge portion of my battle against the bulge.  As I have said before grains, starches, sugars, all poison to me.  But, what happens when I go out with the family?  I have to be one of those super picky people.  I can't have the pastries.  I can't have one or two french fries.  I can't have a piece of cake to join in on the celebration. 

We were enjoying the Strawberry Cucumber Salad, and I realized that a) totally protocol and b) this is something that can be shared amongst the masses, and they wouldn't know the difference between this salad and any other.  What's the difference?  Made to protocol, it has virtually no calories!  Which means that you could eat TONS and not gain.  I am very excited, because this is something that I can serve at our 4th of July blowout!  Since grilled meat is totally Paleo, and this salad is too!  I am going to start planning out the menu, basing everything I serve on the Paleo diet, and see if anyone notices.  There will be some things not Paleo, chips, soda, etc., but everything else will be Paleo!  Totally awesome!

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