Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How many times can you start over?

I guess the answer is:  As many as you need!
For some reason, I stay fat.  Do I want to be fat?  That is a loaded question.  I want what the skinny people have.  The clothes, the look, the ability to fit into booths and movie theater seats.  But, the problem is I want my food too.
Something has to give, right?  If I continue as I am, I will stay fat.  If I change, there is no guarantee that I will be thin, or even not as fat.
Exercise is a real problem for me too.  Not that I can't, I can.  But, finding the time to do it.  I don't like exercising in front of people, not even my husband or kids.  Even if I could, I can't do gyms (see reason one).  I keep trying to get up earlier.  But, manage to find a way to stay in bed.
Boy, I am just Excuses Ellie, aren't I.
I need a plan, and when I come up with one, I'll let you know!