Saturday, March 10, 2012

At 30 Days

Yes, I made it to 30 days.  These last 4 days I have been stalled at 286.8, I was hoping to end with a 40 lb loss, but maybe tomorrow I can begin my next 10 day series at -40.  Since I have been stalled for 4 days, I will be doing an apple day.  Dr. S recommends this for a stall period of at least 4 days.  You eat 6 apples during the day and only drink water to satiate a real thirst, although I am having coffee ('cause Mama needs her java!).

I am hoping to jump start my weight loss again.  I am having no problems keeping to the diet, although it's getting boring.  But, with my newer way of thinking, I don't want the "excitement" of food to be my primary reason for living.

The family is switching over to Paleo quite nicely, although the smalls are fighting some of the food tooth and nail, but the Pookers has always been picky.  The Peanut, on the other hand, is adapting quite nicely.  First thing, my kitchen is not run by a 4 yo, no matter how much he cries, and refuses to eat. 
I got my order of my flours (almond and coconut) so I am going to do some baking, including cookies, brownies, and bread.  I am also going to try the coconut tortillas and see how that goes with the Puddin', who will probably benefit the most from going gluten free, it may help his autism and just general discomfort (digestion issues).

The hardest thing is not tasting these creations!  But, if I get the family on track, then when I do finally transition (30 + days, until I run out of HCG), then I can continue to eat the same way, without fighting the chips, cookies, cakes, sweets  of all kinds, that I cannot have.

I am going to download some Paleo approved chocolate syrup for the littles to have with their coconut milk.

30 days down, 38.2 lbs down.  These are great numbers, and although my progress is slowing a bit, I will continue to keep trucking forward, to lose as much as I can.

I will report in tomorrow with new measurements and stats.

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