Monday, November 26, 2012

Minimal damage

Today is my weekly weigh in and (drum roll please) I am up 1 lb!  Not too shabby.  I am still 7.8 lbs below my LDW, so I am holding well.

I am hoping that clean eating and my twice weekly IF will see me to my lowest of 191, and maybe even into the 80s.  I have more than a month to the next holiday meal.  I am still working on the menu and keeping it Paleo!

I am getting comfy in my 14s, but I would like to see a 12 on the tag.  I have a couple of 14s that are running small, so once I can get into those, a 12 will be on the horizon.

I checked out the schedule for the Level 10 Crossfit box here in Oroville, and they have the Ramp Up class starting on January 7th.  I will be making an introductory appointment in a couple of weeks (like with drug dealers, the first one is always free), so that my fitness level can be assessed and see if I can do the exercises.  I don't know if they have a fitness level below "unmovable rock", but we'll see.  I am still scared, but am more scared of getting super obese again.  Now that I am into a Large and a 16, I don't want to head back to XL (or worse the 3X I was in).

I am getting stronger.  I like to do deep knee bends, and now I find that while in the squat, I can jump, and I mean JUMP up.  The only downer is that my saggy belly is pulling at the skin/muscles underneath.  I have a Dr. appt at the end of December, and am hoping we can work out a way to make the saggy skin a "medical condition", making it cheaper to be removed.  If not, I am not going to stress it.  I am thin enough now to wear girdles (you have to be thin to wear a girdle, you'd think they were for fat people, but no, they are for thin people with just a bit of loose fat.  Stupid and weird).  Anyway, I am going to have to get one (a girdle) that goes from torso to thighs.  I want to be able to give my all to exercising, and if parts and pieces are pulling and hurting, then I am not going to do well.   On the plus side, I will look sleeker, nice..

Christmas is on the horizon, and I know what I am getting, Fila Skele toes shoes. We picked them up at Big 5 for the Black Friday price of....$30!  Yes, $30!!  I know, I should be wearing Vibrams Five Fingers, like all the awesome Paleoistas, but, just to test drive toe shoes at the bargain price of $30 is just too hard to pass up.  If I find that I am liking/loving the toe shoes, I will move up to the Vibrams (plus, they have cuter styles).  All that's left to get are some toes socks to go with my toe shoes.  Big 5, again has them for $6.99 a pair (that's what I pay for a pack of 10 socks at Wally World!), but Amazon and Fila both want more than $10 a pair (SAY WHAT!!!!).  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how expensive good health is!!! 

2013 here I come!  Hopefully 5 lbs lighter and ready to fight!

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