Monday, October 29, 2012

Up Down Up Down..

Nope, not on a see-saw (do they even make those anymore?).  My weight of course.  I am pretty OK with it, the ups I pay for in cash (too much snacking, when I shouldn't be snacking), and the downs when I am behaving!

I am sticking to clean Paleo eating, with no snacks (sorta), and have lost a pound a day for the last two days.  I am at 196 now, -.4 from my "stable" weight.  I am still hoping to Paleo down to goal (11 lbs) by the end of the year.

If that goal is accomplished, I will not be doing anymore hCG.  Contrary to the FDA and the medical "professionals", hCG works.  And, yes, anyone can lose weight on 500 calories a day, but what else?  How could I stay at 500 cals for 70 days and not get weak?  How about 103 days?  The only problem I was having at 103 days of 500 cals, was boredom!  I was just tired of limited choices.  I wasn't weak.  I didn't lose any noticeable muscle mass (which I didn't have to start with...).  Instead, I got leaner, I got stronger. 

I will stand by hCG because it works.  Will it work for everyone?  No, of course not.  There is no diet that is "one size fits all".  But, just because something doesn't work for one person, doesn't mean that it won't work for another.  And, I am a medical oddity, I freely admit that.  It worked great for me!  My R1 losses were awesome.  Some start as big or even bigger, and don't show the same losses.  There are many reason's as to why.  Most don't stick to protocol (which does suck, but so does being fat), but some just don't respond as well to hCG.

There is also the mental part of hCG.  I will also admit that I am a bit scale obsessed.  I like weighing in, seeing a pound gone, when you are fat, who wouldn't.  After my 8 weeks of P3/P4 are up, I will only weigh in one day a week.  As long as I am holding steady, I am good.  I will still journal (good for the soul kinda thing), and if I gain, I will know why (I record my food).  A couple of months after that, I will put away the scale, and just let my clothes tell me what's what. 

I have the tools I need to succeed.  I know what I can and can't eat.  I am learning to exercise, not crazy 5 hour gym sessions, but to get in a good walk, use waiting time in the kitchen to do push ups (against the counter) or deep knee bends.  Play at the park WITH the kids, climbing, swinging, monkey bars.  These are just the beginning.

With my tools in place, then I can take advantage of the rewards.  Trips.  Plane flights (and only one seat).  Hiking.  Tennis.  Disc Golf.  Camping.  Parties.  Dinner with friends.  Do the last two seem shocking?  Why?  Because they usually involve food, right?  What's more important?  The company you keep or the food you jam down your throat?  Just like avoiding drinking too much, you do the same "carry a drink around" trick.  Put something (veggie) on your plate, and walk around with it.  Those who didn't know me while I was fat, won't even notice, and those who did know me fat, will be amazed at my perceived will power.  But there is no trick, no magic.  I am not stronger in will power, there is no "will power", I am smarter in my choices.

I am not perfect, by a long shot.  But, I do try to pay attention to what's important.  A doughnut is not important.  Being able to run IS important (especially when the Zombies invade, I don't have to out run them, just another slower person...).  What is the saying?  "Two seconds on the lips, forever on the hips...", very apropos!

So much life is out there!  I am so excited to be part of it!

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