Saturday, October 6, 2012

Close to Stabilizing, or Just a Nibble Thing...

This morning I weighed in at 199.6 and was thrilled, so I thought I would grab a picture of the scale.  It had cycled through, so I stepped on again and it read 200.2.  I tried 3 more times and 200.2 stayed steady, so I will take the .2 lb loss.  Maybe I am getting close to stabilizing.  Yesterday I did nibble a bit, I had a few pieces of beef jerky, and tried one of my zucchini fritters. Maybe these extras stopped me from getting into 'one'derland, or I am just finally becoming stable.

The joke would be on me if I stabilize at 200!  I can't complain too much, in the past 8 months I shed 125 lbs! 

I am planning to start Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred on Monday.  I have used it in the past at 300 + lbs with good results (stronger core), so I am hoping that it won't be as difficult, especially those jumping jacks!  Getting 300 lbs off Terra Firma is not easy!  And, with smaller, less fatty boobs, I won't be giving myself black eyes every time I jump!

Once I start Jillian, I will stick to my eating plan, and any gains I will attribute to muscle.  And yes, one pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound of fat, the difference is in the mass.  One square inch of muscle weighs more than one square inch of fat, that's the difference.  The Shred really packs on the muscle quickly.  I just want to get my core in shape, a strong core is important to getting the rest of me strong.  My focal points are going to be my belly and arms.  Strong legs are a natural side effect of moving, plus, they are the largest muscles and build up quickly (hence the pain in your legs when you return to exercising).

Got to get ready to take the kids to Home,ah, Depot, they are going to build a fire engine.  Don't forget, next week is Fire Safety Week!

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