Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can't figure it out!

After a bit of a loss yesterday, I registered a gain today!  Now I am sitting 1 lb over LDW.  In the scheme of the universe, that's not a big deal, with my CDO (that's OCD in alphabetical order), it's bothering me.  Mainly because I am comparing this time to last time, and R2 always seems to be a car wreck in comparison to R1.

Part of me is considering a Round 3 with hCG, just to get these last 20 lbs off.  But, if I can't stabilize here at 205, how am I supposed to be stable at 185?

Well, I have a list of problems food, and other things (like not enough water, meal times, etc).  Once I stabilize, I will be able to test them all out.  So, here's how I stand

I can eat most P2 foods (fruit shouldn't be eaten during P3, so that's a non issue).

I can add fats (CO, EVOO, avocados).

I have to keep portions small (kind of a duh statement).

Eat more veggies (good advice at any time).

No starchy foods for the time being (really shouldn't be introduced until P4).

Keep my water level up (64 + ounces daily).

Keep moving, walking and exercising.

Eat breakfast and a late lunch, no food after 5 pm (moved from 7 pm, so dinner with the fam is out!).

And, of course, I will add some rules and subtract some rules, as I get stabilized.

Depending on what happens tomorrow, I may have to do one more steak day.  The last one was a bust, maybe due to the J. Lee Roy's (the world's best dipping sauce made right here in Oroville!), so it will just be a broiled (possibly grilled) steak and a tomato (what a thrill!  NOT!!!!!). 

If I hold steady tomorrow, or even experience a loss (preferred), then I will repeat everything I am doing today, then see what Thursday has in store. 

This just might be my body being my body.  I am not eating grains or legumes, very few, if any processed foods (I guess J. Lee Roy's counts as a processed food, I am sure the caveman didn't have "dipping sauce").
So at some point I should level out. 

Like I posted before, I have to keep perspective on the whole thing (no matter how pissy I am getting!).  I am doing great, and my head is in the game, now to get my bod to cooperate!.


  1. don't forget to put butter on your steak!! enjoy!

    you're doing great- this may be a weight that you plateaued at, at some point in the past. Maybe that's why your body is struggling to hold onto the losses? Drinking enough water? If you are exercising more, your body could be holding onto more water in the muscles?

    Just keep steady and focused, and you will do it!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! You might just be right about the water, I made sure to drink 64 + ounces yesterday and was rewarded for it today!