Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things are going swimmingly!

Looks like I just might stabilize at 194, which is totally awesome.  I feel really encouraged right now.  I am in "one"derland, I have a grasp on my food, and Paleo is awesome!

I have been having eggs in the morning, along with some sort of meat, usually bacon right now, and even adding some veggies.

I actually had dinner with the fam for the past couple of nights.  I am keeping my portions small, except for veggies (go big or go home!), even having a bite or 2 of squash.

I am in a solid size 16 (yippee), and looking forward to a 14 (where the good clothes start!).

It feels good to feel good.  I have been walking nightly, last night I even went by myself (gasp!).  All the men-folk are like "you are going by yourself?"  Umm, yeah, after all, I am a trained security professional, and have a big key chain and plenty of keys, plus a Mag Lite, add to that a "don't mess with me" attitude, and I am A-OK!

More later!

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