Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Good, the Bad, the Gain

Woke up to a 1.4 lb gain this morning, ugh!  I will be doing a steak day, 'cause I have got to get this under control. 

I will also be cutting eggs out for the time being.  Although they were A-OK last round, they might be a problem this round.

The good is me running.  Yes, fat ole me, running, not far, not fast, but running nevertheless.  The Pooker's and I went to the store, he was riding his bike, and when he got going faster than I was walking, I jogged, then, because I was going faster, he went faster, so the jog turned into a run.  We even had a race, and I went all out!  It felt so GOOD.  To run, and not smack myself in the face with bouncing fat. To stop, and have the rest of me stop too (rather than jiggle for 20 minutes AFTER I stop).

Moving is really becoming a joy, rather than a chore.  I find myself doing deep knee bends, just because.  I will just do a plank for no reason.  It feels good to move, to feel muscles work, to feel the strain of pushing myself.

Last night, just because, I went for an evening walk, which normally I abhor.  Walking for the sake of walking just seems pointless.  But, maybe, I was just looking at it wrong.  Walking just to enjoy the movement is different. 

Hey, I have a flashlight, I have a cellphone, I have legs that want to move, why not!?

Is it the endorphins?  Is it just enjoying my new (and improved) body?  Is it becoming an underlying obsession?  Couldn't say.  What I do know is that I am not going back to being fat.  I can't.  Life is just starting for me again, and I don't want to give it back. 

On Monday, I am quitting smoking.  I am putting my foot down on the cigarettes!  I will crush them, out forever!  No more grains, no more cigarettes.  Boy, even the word "cigarettes" is ugly!  Probably why I call them "smogies", "smokes", "poofers", anything but cigarettes. 

It won't be easy, but it's necessary.  Nothing is too hard if it's worth doing!

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