Saturday, September 22, 2012

Transition time. Again.

There are plus' and minus' to transitioning.  The plus (at least for me) is another drop in weight (-1.2 lbs), the minus is the waiting to start eating FOOD again.

hCG is great.  It works well.  The food?  Well, the food is a bore.  But, there is an upside:  the wanting of all the things that I have been missing.  Not cakes or cookies, but veggies like cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli!  Missing butter, coconut oil, olive oil.  As far as meat goes, I don't really miss anything there except ribs (I love's me RIBS!!!).  Since most meat is up for grabs, I don't miss out on meat, except bacon and ham.  I have been missing eggs, but I won't be introducing them for a few days.

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day making condiments, mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce, Paleo ranch.  Having these on hand, I'll be able to phase out the store bought stuff.  The carb crunchers might not agree.  They are used to the sugar, HFCS, soy oil and MSG that comes in those things.  Do they taste good?  Yes.  Companies wouldn't spend million (billions?) on product research to give folks stuff that tastes crappy (of course there is still no explaination as to why they still make Miracle Whip, ewww), and has a side effect of bad health and an addiction to the fake ingredients.

Speaking of the carb crunchers, they probably won't be joining the Littles and I in the Whole 30.  Pity.  My autistic son would totally benefit.  My MIL could cure her diabetes.  My FIL might find the energy that he lost 30 years ago.  The Colonel would sleep better and have less stress.  Win Win Win Win, but instead, soda, candy, bread, and crap will win, and they will lose, lose, lose, lose.

I have promised to not hound them, and I won't.  I have to rearrange the whole kitchen, to put the carb crunchers crap/food on their own shelves, away from the Littles, and figure out a threat that I can carry out when the Littles beg for doughnuts and cookies, Slurpees and soda, from all the other adults, who will give in. 

Is murder an option?  No.  Bummer.
Give them a time out?  No.
Spank them (well, maybe the Colonel, LOL)?  No.
Throw them out?  No.
Beat them up?  Hmmmm, very primal....

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