Sunday, September 23, 2012


You'all know I don't put much stock into the BMI scale.  But, today I am crowing from the rooftops, my BMI moved from "obese" to "overweight", with a 1.2 lb loss!  This really makes me feel good.   I am 2.1 lbs from "one"derland (199.9).

Today is also the day that I can go back to real food, limited only by Paleo.  I am going to make braised cabbage today (thanks to Michelle at Nom Nom Paleo, an awesome site for all food porn), which I made for the fam last week, and even the Littles of the Corn ate it with gusto!  I am also looking forward to a wilted spinach dish (also make with bacon).  I have been missing out on some great cooked veggies during my hCG run.  Although I still love cucumbers and tomatoes, now I get to mix them together!  I get to add olive oil! 

No worries, I will not be getting crazy with the food.  Just being able to sit and enjoy dinner with the family (such as they are) is a reward unto itself.  I must be mindful of portions.  I can eat all the lettuce in the world, as long as I don't go ape-goo goo with the oil and vinegar.

What a Happy Day!  I get food today, breakfast tomorrow, and finally get to start exercising!  I am so happy! 

Is that sick or what?

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