Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 2 of the LRx

Down a pound!  Yea!  I increased my water intake.  I am learning to eat a smaller dinner (about 1/2 of the other adults).  Last night we had Creamy Chicken Casserole from PaleOMG, and it was quite good!  Tonight is Roast Beast from the Paleo Parents book Eat Like A Dinosaur.  I served it last week, and it was a hit!  Now I need to come up with something to go with it, I am thinking coleslaw and tomato-cucumber salad.

I didn't do very well yesterday as far as snacking goes.  Time to lock down the rules.  I jinx'd myself thinking I wasn't going to eat lunch. 

The afternoon's are always hard for me.  I need to find a task that keeps me busy.  Something to ponder.

The LRx is going well, I get up and start my breakfast and coffee.  I don't have any issue eating in the A.M., in fact, I would rather start my day that way.  This morning I introduced eggs (hope it isn't too fast, probably is, but we'll see).  I am really enjoying unseasoned food.  Just steak and eggs, easy peasy!

Exercising went well.  My arms are longer and my body doesn't dangle.  I can hold a plank for about 20 seconds, do 5 sit ups, 5 push ups, and 20 squats.  I am going to try some sprinting tonight, not too far, but see how many I can do, even for a short distance (I am still smoking, so I might get winded before I get tired!).  So I will sprint out for a short distance, rest for about 10 seconds, and sprint back.  I will try to do 4 sprints, but even once out and once back at full speed is a good start!  I am actually looking forward to running.  I used to hate the idea (especially in PE), but now it something my body actually craves!  Excellent!

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