Monday, September 10, 2012

Mt Lassen was freaking AWESOME

I had such a great weekend!  Camping and hiking and just communing with God and nature. 

We got up to the KOA camp outside Shingletown around 2 pm (the drive was long, and fairly bumpy, and we need new shocks in our van!).

Check in was a breeze, the only bummer was that our camp site was the furthest from the bathrooms!

Our Shingletown KOA camp site

Setting up was pretty easy, I let the Colonel deal with his parents and our eldest boy's tents, I put up ours (and Ozark Trails 5 man tent from Walmart, super easy to set up, even by myself!).

Our first meal out (when I say our, I mean their) was hamburgers cooked over an open flame.  Looked good, smelled good.  I had steak (oh, how I suffer!).

In the morning, breakfast was eggs and bacon:

The coffee was most important!

A morning quote from my FIL:

"I hate trees"

After breakfast and clean up (they have Dish Washing Stations at KOA).  We were off to Mt. Lassen.

North Entrance view of Mt. Lassen
The Littles at Noble Emigrant Trail

Chaos Jumble

Hot Rock (now famous for the Littles tinkling)

Mt. Lassen from Devastated Area

Grandma, The Peanut, The Colonel, The Puddin', The Pooker (front) on King's Creek Trail

OK, so I took the last one.  You might be wondering what I am looking like by now (or not).  So, lets recap:

This was me at the beginning of Round 2 (~265 lbs)

The Colonel and I (at 210 lbs).

There are more pics forthcoming (they are on the Colonel's computer).  We went back to camp 1/2 way through the car tour, but finished up the next day.  More to follow!

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