Friday, August 31, 2012

Our 9th Anniversary

Down 1.2 lbs.  Not much, but I'll take what I can get!  After the 4 day stall, 'girly' time, and just not sticking to protocol, I am ready to lose some more weight.

Tonight we are going to the batting cages (my choice), then dinner and a movie.  I told the Colonel that we could go just about anywhere for dinner, since I will be fasting today and at dinner have a 6oz top sirloin and diced tomatoes. 

With only 20-ish days left, I am concerned about these 11.5 lbs, that's how far I am from 199.9.  It is imperative that I get below 200!  I won't make my goal of 185, but I am really needing to transition to P3/Paleo. 

I will go until I am out of hCG (all told, about 100+ days).  Then I am done with "dieting".  I am looking forward to starting to workout Grok style, and hopefully by December start my 12 week session with CrossFit.

I will maintain my daily weigh ins for the first 2 + months (through the LRx and the Whole 30), just to keep track, then I will be letting the scale go to a once a week kinda thing.  I am not so much worried about not losing anymore, that isn't my concern, what I am worried about is gaining past 200.  Because of my obesity, I cannot become slack in maintenance of my weight. 

Little things, like watermelon, have to be identified and eliminated.  Yes, watermelon, I gained a pound on some watermelon, not even a pounds worth!

I will be ordering It Starts With Food this week to read up on all I will need, and get the adults in the family on board, and seeing what I am asking them to do.  It will be a up hill battle!


  1. Hi Rusty- I admire your determination and motivation to push through and reach your goal! It is inspiring!!

    Would you please point me to or share with me how to do the Leptin Reset and the Hypothalamus Reset? I think this might be key to my keeping the weight off. I would appreciate your help-

    I do enjoy your posts and always look forward to your next post!!

    1. Hi lavenderdiva! You'll want to check out Dr. Jack Kruse's site ( He is a neurosurgeon who's been working on Leptin and it's key roll in appetite regulation.

      In a nut shell: the Leptin Reset (LRx):

      *Eat a high protein breakfast 30 minutes from waking (about 50 g. of protein which would equal 4 eggs - 24 g and a 4oz hamburger patty - 24 g).

      *Make sure there is about 4 to 5 hours between meals, so no snacking.

      *If you feel that you aren't hungry at lunch, don't eat, and wait until dinner.

      *Give yourself at least 3 to 4 hours between eating and going to bed.

      *No exercising, and if you must, exercise after 5 pm.

      *Keep dinner as your lightest meal, breakfast should be your heavy meal.

      The hypothalamus reset is a side effect of taking hCG. But, I think with the LRx, it will also help reset the hypothalamus.

      So, do check out Dr. Jack's site.

      Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. Thank you so much for this information, Rusty! I appreciate the pointers, and will definitely check out Dr. Jack's website.

    As I said before, you are an inspiration to me. I have done 5 rounds strict protocol, lost over 60lbs, and am now staring back at them on the scale again. Obviously, the reset, and my own habits, have gotten me back to where I started. I need to restart, but will be going rogue this time, by adding in more fats, than are usually allowed on strict protocol. Unfortunately, I discovered by transitioning from P2 into P3 so many times, that my gall bladder just doesn't like not having any fat to work off of for the duration of my rounds. I have a horrible reaction for days at the time, when I re-introduce fats to my system, if I've not had any for a good long time.

    I'm at the point where I KNOW I need to start all over again, but I look at the enormity of doing it all over, plus some (I need to lose about 100lbs all told), and I get overwhelmed. Each Monday, I say, today's the day! And then Tuesday comes, & I haven't started.

    In reading your journey, I marvel at your focus and tenacity. I wish you could send me some of what you got!!

    Hugs to you- ld