Monday, August 13, 2012

Drink your Water!

Good morning!  This morning I have found myself down 1.4 lbs!  Yea!  I was feeling a bit put out yesterday with no weight loss.  But, I realized as I had flushed the loo that I might not have any losses because I didn't drink enough water.

Dark yellow urine:  Not enough water.
Watered down lemonade color:  Good water intake.
Neon yellow:  excess multi vitamin.
Brown or red tinged:  Get to a doctor!

This is your best indicator.  Everyone (for the most part) looks to see their "producings", so make sure you are too!

Right now, I am down a total of 106.8 lbs and I am 33.2 lbs from goal!  Hopefully, more belly will go with each and every pound!

I am close to squeezing into a solid size 18 (that's down from a 28/30), and may end my hCG journey at a 14/16, which are numbers I haven't seen since Jr. High!

We have up and coming plans for the water park again, and camping the second week of September.  I am confident that I will be at the 200 lb range by Sept (maybe even in "one"derland!).  We'll just have to see how these weeks go.

It's funny, I am losing weight so fast, but it never seems fast enough.  It's like a NEED to get below 200, like NEEDING air.  I am also looking forward to transitioning to P(aleo)3.  The food is fine on P2, and I have no issue with it, but on the same turn, I am looking forward to breakfast again. 

I will be doing another LRx for 6 weeks, just to make sure that my body is taking to the reset of my hypothalamus and to keep my leptins in perfect formation.  Plus, how can you go wrong with a high protein breakfast, and a light dinner, with lunch as an option?

We here in America are so blessed, with food in an excess (no one in America should ever go hungry, they do, but there is no reason why).  The problem is our excesses are making us fat!  Even in my family, after eating a healthy and full meal, the carb-crunchers will hit the kitchen.  My adult son will break out a frozen pizza, my FIL will have a bag of chips and candy, and The Colonel will munch on a sandwich and chips.  All will have ice cream.  All will drink soda.  None will entertain that once dinner is over, eating is over for the day.

They all agree that I shouldn't eat after 7 pm, obviously I have a problem, I am fat, but since they aren't "fat" like me, they don't have a problem.  I have to get them to understand that as men, they build fat around their internal organs first, THEN it spills out to the beer bellies and man boobs. 

I am going to challenge the family to a Whole30 meal plan ( next year, when they can't use the "your fat, so you need it, not us" excuse.  By then, I should be at my "normal weight" and plenty stronger.  Turns out there is a CrossFit gym (even here in the sticks!) just 3 miles from me.  I am hoping that I can save the money to take the first 12 week program, just to start getting in shape, and start getting stronger.  It seems that the new mantra is "Strong is the new skinny".

Here's to getting "skinny".

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