Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 60 on Round 2

Well, I end this round with a whisper, not a shout.  I am down .8 lbs, which is good (almost a pound), but my losses for this last deca week were dismal, mainly because of a 1.2 lb gain when I started to run out of hCG. 

I am hoping to see better losses in the next 10 days.  I will post measurements and (gasp) pictures a bit later.  If I lost a bunch of inches, then that would make up for not losing weight.  OK, not "make up" for, but at least I have lost something!

Took my measurements, I am down another 4.5", which makes 30" for Round 2!  For both rounds I have lost 74.5" total.  In perspective?  I am 69" tall (5'9"), I have lost more inches than I am tall!  This is freakin' awesome! 

Be back later when my husband (not Ansel Adams!) gets home.  My stupid "smart" phone doesn't have a delay timer on the camera!

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