Sunday, August 5, 2012

A day at the Gauche Aquatic Park

Yesterday we went to a water park (my first time at one!).  My weight loss is opening a whole new world to me!  I got to slide down the tall water slide.  I found myself laughing all the way down.  I dove off the diving board.  I swam laps!  OK, only 2 laps, but I also hadn't eaten, and 500 cals only go so far.  But I did these wonderful things.

For once I wasn't the fattest person there!  Normally, I would have just hung out the whole time with the kids, and not participated.  I am so happy that I am starting to live.

I even passed the Der Weinerschnitzel test!  The Colonel bought 2 bags of chili dogs, and although they looked and smelled delicious, I knew that they would do more damage than I could tolerate. 

If I want chili dogs, I can make chili and have some uncured hot dogs after hCG, just no bun, so it's a case of not no, just not now.

On the downside, I am up 1.2 lbs.  I think that all the exercise activated my muscles, and since muscles are more dense, the weight gain is attributed to that.  I was very POP, so it wasn't the food.  But, jump starting some muscle is a good thing, and to be expected.  I think once I am in the 100's it won't seem so bad.

I also noted that my fat % didn't go up, just stayed the same, and that shows it wasn't a fat issue, so back to my original theory about the muscle.

This outing really gave me a boost.  And I look forward to all the new and exciting things I will be able to do.

My bathing suit was the bummer of the day, but in a good way.  My suit is far too big.  I put it on, and it kept riding up on my chest, so the 'girls' kept falling out at the bottom (of the bra part, silly).  There isn't enough of me to fill the suit, so it is too long for me to wear!

I did look for a new swim suit, but for what Walmart had left, I wasn't going to pay full price ($30!) for a suit that won't fit me next year!

I got confirmation that my hCG won't be in until Tuesday (end of day, of course), so for what I have left, I will take one hCG dose tonight (normally I would take it 3X a day), and hopefully have enough left for another dose on Monday night.  Either way, I will muddle thru until I get my goodies.

I have about 45 days left to go (a guesstimation).  I will be doing the LRx again, just to ensure that I am starting from the strongest point.  Since I will never really leave P3, I am not too worried about gaining anything.  I think most of my weight gain will be thru exercise, but I will be gaining muscle not fat.

I will be doing mainly kettle weights and caveman workouts.  I am excited about learning how to do burpees and although I may start slow, I will get them conquered.  First, I will just be trying to do one or two, but hopefully, I will get stronger and better, and be able to do 10 -12 in a row, with jumps (did I ever tell you how much I hate to jump?).  Then I will be doing sprints, climbing with the kids, and just all around having a good time!

I am so excited to be healthy!  Now if I can just quit smoking!

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