Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another day...

I didn't have any losses today (bummer), but I am noticing my fat percentage going down (bonus).  My scale showed 37.4% fat yesterday and 36.9% today.  The fat percentage on these scales aren't accurate, but will at least give you a ballpark figure to go by (similar to the BMI scale, which isn't accurate at all, but people swear by it!).

As fat is released from the fat cells, water is added in, so the cells don't deflate like a punctured water balloon.  Then the water drains from the fat cells, leaving them deflated.  The trick is leaving those abnormal sized fat cells empty.

What I do know is that I am still getting smaller.  I went shopping in my closet and tried on a pair of jeans that I have been lugging around for the last 8 years, hoping one day to fit into them, and I do!  They are a 40 in waist.  40 inch!  To some, that may still seem big (which it is), but when you were sporting a 52 inch waist, that is practically TINY!!!

I also went through my closet, and got rid of the clothes that are too big.  Turns out, there were plenty!  I am out of nice dress shirts, no dresses at all, and even clothes that I bought at a smaller size after R1 are having to go.  My real nice size 22 jeans ($2 bucks at a thrift store) are in the bag, and I really liked those.  My sweat pants too.  Sweats are a fat girls best friend, but no any more.  My Walmart 2X sweats are far too big to wear, and I am not saving "fat clothes" for "just in case".  That is the wrong kind of thinking.  If I want to get to a smaller size (12/14) I cannot be looking backwards, only forward.

Live in the now, plan for the future!

I have been talking to The Colonel about joining the CrossFit gym here in town, after I reach my goal.  Since being on hCG, I haven't done any exercising, other than my normal routine of house cleaning and chasing the kids around.  So, I think with taking at least one CrossFit session, I will start strengthening up and developing my muscles so that I can "move like Grok".

It's not too pricey, $150 for a 12 week session (3X/week), and that's with a personal trainer.  I asked that if I do this, I would have assurances that I would be able to do the classes, and not waste time, or miss a session.  I am committing to health, and exercise is part of it.  I need to be strong enough and fast enough to save my children in any situation!  I also asked if The Colonel wanted to join me, he said he would think about it.  The plus side, is that this gym has nutritional programs on Paleo eating (kind of a CrossFit thing).

It's still on the back burner, and I still want to get kettle bells, plus sprinting and lifting heavy things is actually free, so there is always that option! 

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