Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's been a week...

...since my last posting.  I am sorry.  There really hasn't been anything going on.  I am not in a "stall", but am not losing weight either, although my scale is showing a consistent drop in my fat %. 

My "girly" time started.  TMI ALERT:  Since starting this second round, my flow has been incredibly heavy and for a longer time.  It is evening out, as far as getting back to 28 days between, but oh my, I just can't "clean up" fast enough!

I am still 28 pounds from goal, and may not make it to 185, but I will take just about anything below 200!  I am finalizing my plans, but for sure, at least for the time being, I will be doing a Leptin Reset (LRx) for 6 weeks (which will work well with my hypothalamus reset) and keep me from snacking (my down fall).  And, go hard core Paleo (I will be doing the Whole 30-and hopefully get the adults into the spirit and give it a shot). 

I also told you that I wanted to cross fit.  I will start here at home with kettle bells and a pull up bar (have one on my Amazon wish list), maybe a pre Christmas gift for me!

I will be spending the rest of the year monitoring my health (I will see my "doctor" on Dec. 26th), and hopefully end the year 125 lbs lighter (maybe more) and 100% healthier.

I am really looking forward to starting 2013 fit and happy with me.  Plus, I will have actually carried through with my personal goal of making 2012 my year to get healthy!

Hopefully, the Mayan Calendar won't get in the way, but at least I will see the end of the world (NOT) healthy!

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