Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yet another apple day

I have been stalled out for 4 days.  I thought mainly it was my "girly" time, but nope, I am stalled.  So, today will be an apple day for me.  6 apples, no waiting.  Just to make things fun, all our apples are old, and dry and just bleh.  I think I will go get some fresher ones, just for the taste factor.

Today being day 80 means I only have about 20-ish days left.  I just want to get below 200.  With the LRx for 6 weeks and Paleo for life, I should be able to lose that last 25 lbs (to get to 175).

Tomorrow will be measurements, I am not expecting anything amazing, except maybe a pound or two down, inches, eh.

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