Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Shipment?

So, I ordered my hCG on Wednesday, they sent it out on Friday, it's now Tuesday and due to come in today (by end of day, of course).  It didn't leave Louisville until yesterday afternoon!  I am sure there were other EARLIER flights out of Louisville to California!  I would complain, but it's a case of CYA.  I paid for express shipping (1 to 2 days).  The hCG company says 48 hours for processing (that would be until Friday, so they are right on schedule), Saturday and Sunday don't count as shipping days, so in the scheme of the world everything is right on time.  What a crock!

I have been noticing that UPS isn't as speedy as they used to be.  The brown is wearing down.  You know who is still good?  USPS.  Yes, the postal service.  A couple of winters ago, the mid part of the country was brought to a halt because of freezing temps and bad storms.  I has tons of curriculum ordered and was waiting for the shipments.  The only one who got thru was USPS.  I realize that they are failing, but they should keep up the good work, privatize, jack up their prices, and keep going.  It's not fair to make us default to companies that are resting on their laurels (hey, UPS, get off your butts, quit flirting with the girls, and MOVE IT).

Rant over.

My last dose of hCG paid off in a .8 lb drop, yea!  I still have .4 more lbs to go until I recover from my gain, but I am hoping to see the 'teens by the weekend.

This stop and start thing (with me running out of hCG) is actually paying off well in losses.  From a mental stand point it sucks (I just hate gaining!).

I have been scouring the Internet for all things Paleo.  I am gearing up for when I leave hCG and begin my full time Paleo life eating.  Over at Wellness Mama she has a great recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu!  That is going to be my first Paleo dinner (about a week after hCG). 

I am thinking about investing in It Starts With Food by Doug and Melissa Hartwig.  They have a Whole30 plan, not so much for me, but for the family, to get them on board with the Paleo eating program. 

As you can see, I am looking beyond the hCG diet, and into the future.  If I go back to how I used to eat, I can expect to fatten up like a cow on grain!  Hence, I am planning, practicing, and putting the family under the thumb screws.

Off to start my day!

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