Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goal, Shame, and My Boney Butt

Always start off with something good, I made my 215 goal (215.4 to be exact)!  I am nearly 110 lbs down!  Very exciting!  My next goal is to be "just" overweight.  I am at a BMI of 31.8, once I get below a 30 BMI, I will no longer be Obese.  Everyone knows how much stock I put into those BMI numbers.  They are a crock, but it's a safe and close goal, so I will use it right now.  BMI is stupid.  My children register overweight on a BMI, even my super skinny, no butt, kid (who people harass me for, because he is "underweight").  You just can't win.  But, since the conventional wisdom (CW) is what it is, I will just put up with it, ignorance and all.

Now, to CW, and it's views on hCG.  Yesterday, I was posting on my favorite homeschooling site The Homeschool Lounge, on the "health" section.  The topic was "Who needs to lose 100+ lbs?"  I could have wrote that myself, and in fact, have started massive weight loss thread topics.  I jumped in with "I did lose 100 lbs."  But instead of Proclaiming my weight loss, I just kind of whispered hCG's involvement.  I didn't want to be responsible for anyone being led to hCG, how's that for stupid and, frankly weak, on my part.

Why is hCG bad?  I have lost 100 lbs on hCG!  Who can argue with me that it's bad?  If hCG doesn't work for someone, that isn't my fault.  It will be one of two things, it doesn't work for that person, or that person isn't working the protocol.  Neither of which is my problem.  Harsh, I know.  But, after nearly a year of watching folks cry about hCG not working for them (they were "almost always" on protocol, and only cheated a few times, and just couldn't give up Mountain Dew or whatever).  Or those who have had a lifetime of eating disorders, but hCG made them have to go to therapy, because they became obsessive over some scale numbers (and the fact that they were scarfing down everything in sight), but that was all hCG's fault.

I am going to find a way to be proud of me, and my accomplishments WITH hCG, and stop lurking in the shadows of shame, just because ignorant people don't know anything about hCG except what the media/FDA tells them (good thing the media and the FDA never lie...).  Or, their "friends" experience, or even their own experience -which I'll except more, as long as it's followed up with "didn't work for me".  No diet plan works for everyone (ask the Fenphen people who died, they'll tell you, Fenphen didn't work for them!).  Just because I had remarkable success doesn't mean everyone will.  This is just the beginning, I am losing this weight to jump start my health plan, I still have to maintain these losses.  So, I am just about halfway thru my journey to health, the battle is not won yet!

I now have a bony butt.  I mean, it hurts to sit too long.  I can't even enjoy a hour long TV show.  Now I know why skinny people can't sit still very long, it hurts!!!  I think I have also bruised a muscle in the back of my right thigh, again, I don't have a big fat layer to protect me from hard surfaces (like the toilet), and I can't just plunk down, but have to sit carefully.  Is this TMI?  Sorry, but as a fat woman becoming thin, this is stuff I never expected!

Expect the unexpected!

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