Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Here!

My shipment finally arrived (with a Little Rascals DVD, weird).  I tested and took a dose. It will put my doses a bit close, but I really want to make sure I have my hCG in my system.  It wasn't as hot as the sun, but it was pretty toasty.

I feel much better now that my stuff is sitting in the fridge waiting for me.  Now I can get back on track.  I still have .4 lbs to get to new weight loss areas.

I did hit the thrift store for some new pants and shorts in 18's and 16's.  I am hoping by the end of this ride will be a solid 12/14 (smaller would be nice  too!).

My computer fried on a power surge, and I am on The Colonel's laptop (which I hate).  But, it's imperative that I stay in contact on the hCG forum for support and to support.  With this diet, it's best to talk to like minded individuals, since there is so much bad press about hCG.  Plus, I like posting here.  I can keep a running log of my happenings and such.

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