Friday, July 6, 2012

Planned Interruption

Well, today is my first true PI day.  The last 3 days were for transitioning from HCG, today, I made sure to have a high protein breakfast, which will hopefully, carry me to dinner.  If not, I will have a salad to tide me over.  The one thing that is nice about a PI is getting back to some fats, and getting to eat with the fam.

I am hoping to receive my HCG on Wednesday (11th), then I will start right back up. 

I did drop 1.2 lbs this morning, which is happy news.  What I am not happy about is my fat being back in motion, congregating at my belly, and leaving the upper part of my body again.  I was trying on some clothes to find something to wear to a wedding.  I left the store in tears because everything looked horrible on me.  Between the fat being in motion, so my body is uneven right now, and having really old and unsupportive underwear, I was just a mess!
On a lighter note, I could fit into XL/18s, bonus score!
Until later!

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